Carrie Underwood's No-Makeup Selfie Is Proof That Strong Is Beautiful

Even though Amy Schumer's whole #GirlYouDontNeedMakeup hashtag movement has passed, there's always something so empowering about seeing makeup-free celebs. And Carrie Underwood's no-makeup selfie is absolutely no exception. Earlier today, the gorgeous country artist posted a post-workout, no-makeup selfie. In it, she was being attacked with kisses by her adorable pup, Penny and rocking a cute workout headband from CALIA, her line of athleisurewear.

From track jackets to printed leggings, CALIA has everything to satisfy all your athleisure needs (and wants). The brand's M.O. is all about living a strong lifestyle and following it through and through. On the CALIA website, there's a quote that says, "Throw out the roadmap. Find your path," which perfectly goes with her ongoing hashtag #StayThePath. It's so inspiring to see that no-makeup selfies isn't the only way Underwood is empowering her fellow ladies.

Underwood stated, "Because we can be the strongest versions of ourselves in every facet of our lives. We can look as beautiful as we feel. We can Stay the Path." She sneaks the brand's mantra, "Stay The Path" into her clothes as a little reminder for all her consumers. You can begin creating your path with any of her cute tops, leggings and accessories. And if you particularly love her headband, you can snag a floral version of it here on CALIA's site.

Some might call #StayThePath "fit-spiration," but I see it applicable to more facets of life than just for exercising. It applies to a lifestyle of finding beauty in strength and if that means proudly posting up a no-makeup selfie after a workout, then power to you for staying the path! Personally, I'm lovin Underwood's hashtag way more than the #IWokeUpLikeThis hashtag, but maybe that's just me.

Work it!

Images: carrieunderwood (3), lisajanelkirk/Instagram