Remember These Rare Britney Spears Songs?

Another year, another slew of Britney Spears singles. It's been this way since 1999, and I'm fairly certain it will be this way for years to come. And though a dozen or so of the pop queen's songs have captured the public imagination and firmly embedded themselves into modern pop culture, a few of them have, surprisingly, faded into bubbly synthetic obscurity. In fact, there are many rare Britney Spears tracks you probably forgot existed. I mean, are there people out there who frequently listen to Britney Spears albums from cover to cover? I'm sure there are, and yes, you guys will probably know these songs. But, the rest of you — do you remember when she collaborated with the Ying Tang twins?

Yeah, I didn't think so.

So, for those of you who are likely in the majority and don't remember her Ying Yang twins collaboration, amongst other collaborations and songs — here are some Britney tracks that, though they didn't catch on or just weren't released as singles, absolutely deserve a spot on a playlist, a play at a party, or an earbud listen as you strut through your city.

(I Got That) Boom Boom ft. Ying Yang Twins

Sure: This is maybe less of a Britney song than it is a Ying Yang Twins song, and it's aggressive dated — but it's all in a really pleasant way.


This song was super controversial when it first came out because threesomes (I know — totally weird), but has since faded into obscurity. It's very catchy, though, and is definitely worth revisiting.

I Love Rock 'N' Roll

Although this cover was featured in the cinematic masterpiece Crossroads , I'm sure you'd be hard-pressed to find a Brit Brit fan who remembers that time she covered Joan Jett. For shame!

Break The Ice

This single from Blackout hasn't had the lasting cultural impact of "Gimme More" or "Piece Of Me," but it's a really solid pop song. Also, great video.

How I Roll

This is a really great, weird, cheery song that's sort of a marriage between bubblegum pop and electronic music, and shouldn't be overlooked.

Touch Of My Hand

This feels so early '00s, but is that ever a bad thing?

Me Against The Music, Ft. Madonna

Though this song received some recognition when it debited, but I think this Britney/Madonna collaboration deserves more attention.

Lace And Leather

An oddly funky deep cut from Miss Britney Spears!

So, Brit Brit fans, take this as my plea: give some of these a listen. After all, each song was as carefully crafted by a team of pop scientists, so why not pay them a bit of respect?