Bella & Dani Thorn Have Fabulous, Laid Back Style

Two is always better than one, isn't it? Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, and Elle and Dakota Fanning are just some of the many stylish sister duos that come to mind, but Bella and Dani Thorne are on underrated pairing. Their fashion sensibilities seem to have rubbed off on each other over the years, so much so that you might think they're twins if you don't look closely.

Although the two have their own separate careers, they have sister telepathy when it comes to their clothing. With a laid back vibe to all their outfits, the two stay comfy while looking gorgeous at the same time. Dani even runs her own fashion blog called Dani Thorne's World, where she shares some of her favorite images of herself along with other pop culture photos from around the web. The 22-year-old has shown off her styles in Teen Vogue and the cover of Bello , and I can only imagine that she's inspired some of her sister's looks as well.

The two might not be seen together often, but their Instagrams are almost identical to each other in style. From fabulous accessories to quirky tees, they have a ton in common when it comes to styling outfits. You'll have to take a close look to be able to tell this stylish duo apart.

1. Rocking Stripes

Bella opted for a matching two piece in red, white, and blue.

Dani picked the same color scheme, but a brighter print.

2. All-Black Styling

The younger of the two rocked head to toe black, from her shades to her boots.

It looks like sleek and sophisticated runs in the family, because Dani's all-black look was on-point.

3. Matching White Tees

A white tee and jeans doesn't get any simpler, but the styling amped up Bella's airport look.

Swapping stilettos for converse, this big sis looked causal and cool in her white tee.

4. Stylish Shades

Bella opted for a pair of oversized sunnies in a bright red color.

Dani's shades might be a lighter color, but they're just as over-the-top as her little sister's.

5. Lots Of Denim

Denim-on-denim is nothing new for this queen of laid-back style.

Also known for her comfy-cool style, Dani's Instagram is filled with different denim looks.

These two could be twins from, their accessories to their clothing!