Can You Buy Cara D's Ron Swanson Tee? You Betcha

What do you get when you combine bacon, eggs, and Ron Swanson's floating head? The coolest tee shirt ever, duh. Cara Delevingne wore a Ron Swanson brunch tee to a St. Vincent concert in Amsterdam, showing off her famously quirky sense of style and making me an even bigger fan of hers. So does this mean the supermodel loves Parks and Recreation too? We are totally long lost BFFs.

Aside from being a fan of the popular sitcom, Delevingne must also really dig pancakes and bacon, otherwise she wouldn't sport the breakfast-loving, mustachioed character all over her shirt, right? And the model-turned-actress clearly loves wearing food on her clothes — remember when she sported a pizza onesie? She obviously has a vivid sense of humor, and that is why we love her.

Delevingne was all smiles while posing with a fan in an Instagram photo, rocking the hilarious top. She paired it with some black denim cutoff shorts and a bandana headband wrapped around her head — totally nailing the whole casual chic look.

The sweetest part? You can shop the model's exact same style. The breakfast tee comes from a brand called Clashist — you know, the company that brought you shirts covered with Lena Dunham's mostly naked body and Zach Galifianakis' bearded face. It's everything you didn't know you needed.

Check it out on Cara D.

So freaking cool.

Shop the look for $58 at

Pretty awesome, eh? I think Ron Swanson would approve.

Images: Clashist (2), Giphy