Tyra Banks's Sparkly Zit Cover-Up Is Fabulous

When you think "high-fashion," you probably picture retouched photos, glowing skin, and beautiful clothing, but there are some models who are completely breaking the stereotypes. Tyra Banks covered a pimple with a sticker in her latest Instagram post, showing that even the most fabulous have to worry about blemishes from time to time.

Banks wasn't afraid to show off her creative blemish hiding trick, using a sparkling green star sticker on the side of her nose to cover up a pimple. In the post's caption she credits "a beautiful child" for the quick fix, but the model liked it so much that she shared the snap with her three million followers. Miley Cyrus displayed a similar strategy for hiding a pimple last year, so maybe the two can collaborate on a new line of stylish zit coverings?

Banks's solution might not be the most practical, but her post shows that she has nothing to hide. This isn't the first time that the model has been super real on Instagram and something tells me that it won't be the last. She's posted makeup free selfie before, as well as her at-home hair styling tricks, showing that she more than just the pretty face we see on camera.

If there were Instagram awards for the "realest" users, Banks would definitely be in the running. The 41-year-old model has learned a thing of two about loving yourself, and she's not above sharing her advice with her followers. She definite stands behind the #RealAndRaw hashtag that she uses frequently.

1. Makeup-Free Selfies

Her caption says it all. It's great to see a celeb who's not scared to show what they really look like, minus the makeup and re-touching.

2. At-Home Hairstyles

You don't normally see photos of celebrities when they do their own hair, so when you do it's something to appreciate.

3. Embracing Her Features

The self proclaimed "Queen Of 4Heads" showed off her early morning look. She has said before that others see her forehead as a flaw, but clearly she embraces it.

4. Showing Off Her True Hair

Banks has had a lot of hairstyles in her day. She posted this throwback to show people her true 'do.

5. Sharing Everyday Thoughts

It's nice to know I'm not the only one who stares at herself in the mirror when she doesn't want to take her on-point makeup off.

Banks reminds us that models are just like the rest of us, blemishes and all!