Her Pimple Cover Up Idea Is Genius

Normally when I write about Miley Cyrus I'm marveling about her general silliness or test-driving her bizarre hairstyles in public. But today the Hannah Montana star turned twerking pop singer deserves high praise. Miley Cyrus has invented a Pinterest-worthy pimple cover-up that knocks concealer way out of the park. Her solution? A DIY floral Band-Aid.

Instead of hitting the drugstore while hiding the be-pimpled half of her face with an awkwardly lifted scarf like the rest of us, Miley saw her blemish as an opportunity to use supplies purchased from the Michael's scrapbooking aisle. She created a bedazzled Band-Aid using fabric flowers and a glittery butterfly, for a look that is worthy of a Disney pop-princess, not early '00s-era Nelly.

I have to say, it's sort of genius. Okay, so Miley's style inspiration of late seems to be "Schizophrenic Craft Lady on Drugs" with the whole babies in her top knot, glitter everywhere thing. But the flower Band-Aid is... cute. And hey, it's better than using clumpy concealer that doesn't match your skin tone. Why not make a fashion statement out of your blemishes? If there's one thing to be said about Miley, she certainly marches to the beat of her own eccentric drum.

So what do you say? Would you try this floral pimple cover-up?

Images: mileycyrus/Instagram