CeCe Hit Ali With The Rock On 'Pretty Little Liars' Biggest Night In A Twisted Case Of Mistaken Identity

This half-season of Pretty Little Liars may have been called "The Summer of Answers," but we were really given a "Finale of Answers." After years of waiting, Pretty Little Liars revealed CeCe Drake is Charles, aka Big A — and that was only the beginning. Like most fans, this was the question I was most eager to see answered. But a close second was who attacked Ali with a rock the night she disappeared? We finally know it was CeCe, but the intention wasn't to hurt Ali. CeCe believed that she was attacking Bethany, who was supposedly out of Radley that night. CeCe sobbed to Mrs. DiLaurentis as she buried Ali, believing her to be dead.

After Mrs. Grunwald pulled Ali from her would-be grave, she went on the run because she didn't feel safe in Rosewood. And, despite how we may feel about Ali, that decision was probably wise considering her own mom tried to cover up her apparent murder. Ali's disappearance is what resulted in the chain reaction of insane events that have occurred in Rosewood for the past six seasons (I'm still unclear on how many years that actually equals in the world of Pretty Little Liars, because one question that didn't get answered on Tuesday night is how time actually works in Rosewood).

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Image: ABC Family