7 'PLL' Theories That Still Can & Should Come True

With only a few episodes left until the Season 6A summer finale, Pretty Little Liars still has a lot of questions left to answer. The big one that will supposedly happen (and I say supposedly, because who even knows anymore?) is the unmasking of Charles, aka Big A, after all this time. We've been promised the big reveal will happen at the end of 6A, and through all the twists and turns PLL has thrown us, it can only end one way. It may sound strange, but this actually makes me a little upset, as there are some amazing Pretty Little Liars theories out there that I'm still rooting for. Some of them are simple, some of them are crazy, and I secretly hope all of them come true.

In the end, there can only be one Charles (um, I hope). However, that's not the only mystery still going on in Rosewood. PLL has been on the air for six seasons now, and hundreds of fan theories have come and gone in the meantime, some debunked, some still very viable. Is it too crazy to hope that some of these theories actually come true? I may not be talking about Charles theories, but Bustle's Pretty Little Liars podcast definitely is.

Now, just think about how great it would be if these seven PLL theories actually came true.

1. Maya Is Still Alive

Sure, Maya was killed early off in the series, but it was never confirmed that her body was in fact the one discovered in Emily's backyard. Many fans believe that she could still be alive and well somewhere out there. Maybe she's not part of this big Charles/A mystery, because that might be too much, but let's just say she got really freaked out by the whole Nate Incident, and decided to fake her death and book it out of Rosewood. Since then, she's been waiting for the insanity to quite down to make her grand return, and the Liars finally stopping A might give her the perfect moment.

2. Wren Is Charles

ABC Family and I. Marlene King may have deemed the so-called Drunkgate "spoilers" false, but that doesn't mean Wren can't still be Charles. All of the clues, as outlined in the video above, make sense, and I'm honestly hoping that Wren is unmasked as Big A.

3. Jason = Charles

What about the idea that Charles actually killed Jason, and has been pretending to be Jason this entire time? The two boys might not be twins, but they're brothers, so of course they look a little bit alike. And yes, I will be willing to just shrug it off and say "OK!" if it's revealed that no one in Rosewood had even realized that suddenly Charles was playing the role of Jason and no one noticed. Hey, maybe it all happened when they were very young and still looked a lot like. This theory is just too insane for me to not want it to happen.

4. Andrew Is Somehow Important

Remember when Andrew came into the show for a few episodes, fans liked him, and then he disappeared? And then he returned and basically had a big, giant A on his chest? I'm still really pulling for Andrew to be something on the show. Maybe not Charles, but at last someone relevant to explain why such a big deal was made about his creepiness.

5. Aria Is Big A & Was In Radley

A lot of theories seem to point back to Aria. The A messages started as soon as she returned from Iceland. She is always wearing a giant A necklace. Mona calls her "Big A." She is considered the best Liar of the group. Could she be A? Possibly. This theory isn't just about her being A, though, it also includes the fact that she was in Radley, and has Dissociative Identity Disorder, so even though she's A she has no idea that she's A. Is it crazy? Yes. Do I hope it comes true? Yes.

6. Ali Was In The Witness Protection Program

This one is basically just like, "Can PLL actually get even more insane?" and the answer is absolutely. So let's somehow work Tumblr user rosewood-clues' theory about Ali being put into Witness Protection because of A into Season 6, please.

7. Melissa Is Black Veil/Widow

Am I the only one who still even remembers Black Veil? You know, the creepy woman who showed up at Wilden's funeral, dressed head to toe in black and wearing a veil to hide her face? And then King once tweeted that "she is end game"? I'm convinced that this woman is Melissa.

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC Family; Giphy (7)