'Dance Moms' Nia Sioux Uses Instagram To Reveal Her Daily Life Is Just As Fabulous As What We See On TV

One of the few remaining original members of the ALDC, Dance Moms star Nia has become a breakout pop star this season — and it's been such a joy to watch her succeed. Nia is a strong dancer and she has a bright future in show business thanks to her great stage presence and incredible work ethic. But, when she's not busy filming or becoming the next Beyoncé, Nia's Instagram posts reveal her offscreen life. They show that, despite being a rising star, Nia has maintained normalcy in her life — she's close with her family, loves a good inspirational quote, and even pays attention to politics despite her young age.

Although she's a hard worker and has been a loyal member of the ALDC, Nia hasn't had an easy year in the dance studio. Since no competition season would be complete without Abby unfairly targeting one of her students, Nia has had to deal with the repercussions of Abby's anger that she wasn't involved in Nia's music career. When Nia defeated Kalani, she was supposed to be guaranteed a solo at Nationals — but naturally Abby changed the rules because that's just how she rolls when the results of a competition aren't what she wants. As always, Nia displayed incredible maturity when Abby declared backstage that, despite being the winner, Nia wouldn't necessarily be competing at Nationals. Her composure was no surprise, and she's been a great role model all season. When Nia saw that her new teammate JoJo wasn't being given the same opportunities as other ALDC members, she immediately invited her to participate in music performances and her new video.

Nia's talents, perseverance, and compassion will take her far both professionally and personally — and I can't wait to see what's next for this star who will succeed with or without Abby's support. Here are 11 of Nia's Instagram posts that give us a glimpse of her life offstage:

1. She's Super Close With Her Mom

Nia is a proud daughter — and for good reason. Holly is a rockstar in her own right because she manages to do things like write books when she's not busy filming and traveling around the world for Dance Moms.

2. She Loves Kisses From Sea Lions

Rumor has it this sea lion has joined #NiaNation, so it's clearly a smart animal.

3. She Was Ecstatic When Love Won

Nia may only be in her early teens, but she already cares about politics and equal rights for everyone.

4. Her Style Is Impeccable

Can someone please explain to me why all these Dance Moms girls are already more stylish than I will ever be?

5. She's Still Friends With Chloe

They may no longer be teammates, but Nia and Chloe have remained close friends.

6. Her Goofy Faces Are Hilarious

Nia knows when to embrace her silly side.

7. She And JoJo Design iPhone Cases

Dance Moms is basically a full time job, but Nia and JoJo still find time to design super cute iPhone cases. And, now I really want one.

8. She Loves A Good Beach Day

Don't we all? But, while most of us are laying on our towels soaking up the sun, Nia is casually striking beautiful arabesques by the water.

9. She's Into Inspirational Quotes

And, she follows this advice by staying true to herself and keeping her head up no matter what happens.

10. She's Proud Of Her Music Career

Nia is rightfully proud and thrilled that her music career is taking off in a major way.

11. She Appreciates Abby

Despite all the drama that has occurred this season, Nia has stayed level-headed and consistently taken the high road. It's yet another reason she's a wonderful role model for Dance Moms fans — both children and adults.