"Nia Vs. Kalani" On 'Dance Moms' Didn't End Well

Poor Holly on Dance Moms. She is so used to her daughter Nia not getting the attention that she think she deserves from Abby Lee Miller and it was no different when Nia beat Kalani on Dance Moms in the August 4 episode "Nia vs. Kalani: Winner Takes All." Although Nia taking home first place in the teen division solo should have been good news for Holly and Nia, it turned into drama after Abby Lee went back on her word.

At the beginning of the episode, Abby Lee said whoever won the higher place at the Dance Kids USA competition — either Nia or Kalani — would get to perform the senior division solo during Nationals the following week. The only problem was that Abby Lee clearly thought that Kalani deserved to win first place, so when Nia ended up winning first (and Kalani earned third), Abby Lee didn't guarantee that Nia will end up with the solos at national.

As much as I can't handle Holly complaining about how little Abby respects Nia, her words rang true during the August 4 episode. If Abby knew she wanted to give the solo to Kalani, then she shouldn't have used the head-to-head competition between the girls. Not only does this give the girls no reason to respect Abby's authority, I am also disappointed for Nia since I sincerely doubt that Abby Lee will be giving her the solo at nationals. Even though — like Abby — I thought Kalani was the stronger dancer at the Dance Kids USA competition, I believe in playing by the rules and leading by example — something Abby clearly doesn't excel at.