High School Student Brittany Nicole Creech Took Her Senior Photos At Taco Bell, Redefining What It Means To Love Fast Food

While most of her peers were posing in studios or next to edgy-yet-picturesque graffiti to celebrate their final year of high school, Brittany Nicole Creech chose another path. The student took her senior photos at Taco Bell, thereby proving herself to be the most dedicated Tex-Mex fan on the planet — and yes, that includes the guy who ate an 18-inch burrito in less than two minutes. And the dude who has eaten Chipotle every day for more than 100 days. And the other dude who is doing the same thing. OK, maybe Creech has stiffer competition than I anticipated. Who knew burritos were such serious business?

Even so, she still deserves a round of applause emojis for sheer dedication to a joke. "Remember when I told you guys I was gonna get my senior pictures at taco bell and you thought I was joking?" she wrote in the tweet accompanying the photographs. Sure enough, more typical shots of Creech smiling or looking pensive were far outnumbered by photographs of the student doing what teens do best: chillin' at Taco Bell. My only quibble is that the pictures omit the typical group of drunken college students loitering in the corner of every Taco Bell, but that's probably for the best.

To make the situation even better, the fast food chain itself came across the photos and retweeted them, catapulting Creech into 15 minutes of Internet fame.

In her Twitter profile, Creech writes that it's her life goal to be in a Taco Bell commercial. Now that's a girl with her priorities straight.

Images: @kevinv033/Flickr; Giphy