Competitive Eater Matt Stonie Inhales An 18-Inch Burrito In Less Than Two Minutes, And Prepare To Add This To Your List Of Life Goals — VIDEO

If you're one of those people who hates to watch other people eat unless you're also getting to stuff your face, you're going to want to sit this one out. If you're the type who frequently finds themselves accidentally marathoning Man v. Food, on the other hand, you're going to want to see competitive eater Matt Stonie tackle an 18-inch burrito, because it's simultaneously disgusting and weirdly awesome. #LifeGoals, amiright?According to the Daily Dot, the 21-year-old competitive eater took on the aptly-named Burritozilla for his YouTube channel, where he frequently posts videos performing such acts as eating 200 gummy worms for fun. Hey, some people read or build bottle rockets; others eat 32 Reese's Cups in less than a minute just because they can. This week, he chose to devour a foot-and-a-half long burrito, thereby crushing your personal record of eating a whole Chipotle burrito in one sitting, once upon a time. (Sure, it took you three hours, but it still counts as a win.) Is the video likely to make you a little queasy? Of course! But is it also worth watching for the sheer amazement factor? You bet your (average-sized) burrito it is. You already know whether this is your cup of tea, so enough talk. Check out the video below, but be careful: if you don't already have a craving for Chipotle, you definitely will post-Burritozilla.

Matt Stonie on YouTube

Image: Pixabay