Photos Of Meghan King Edmonds' Wedding Show The 'Real Housewives Of Orange County' Star Is Living A Fairytale

Real Housewives of Orange County's Meghan King Edmonds has a success story that defies the odds. She's the much-younger wife of a famous athlete who seems to actually have a good relationship with her husband and his family. Meghan and Jim Edmonds' wedding photos demonstrate time they took to plan the event, which looks like one of the most gorgeous ceremonies possible. They are human Pinterest boards.

During Meghan's appearance on Say Yes to the Dress, she described how the wedding was going to take place in Bora Bora, in a small, private ceremony. But the wedding wound up actually taking place in St. Louis in the fall, with family and friends present. Even the dress Meghan said "yes" to on the show wound up changing by the wedding day. But even with the changes, it certainly didn't look like a last-minute plan. Everything came together so perfectly that is looks like, well, a fairy tale, complete with the perfect princess bride. But the real story of Meghan and Jim's wedding is told through the pictures, which they were nice enough to share with audiences on Instagram earlier last year. If you have even the tiniest desire to have a big wedding, they'll make you jealous.

Meghan Started The Day Looking Totally Normal

Your wedding day starts the same as any other day, and Meghan memorialized the moment before the transformation started.

Meghan Got Ready With Her Mom

These two look identical! Meghan does not need to worry about aging one bit. (I'm sure she already knew that.) And her mom helped her create a fantastic look. Getting beautified? Check.

Meghan Shared A Moment With Her New Stepdaughter

This is just too cute. And that tiny party dress is what every little girly girl dreams of. Meghan didn't specify if Jim's daughter was their flower girl or not, but she looks the part.

The Only Thing Prettier Than Meghan Was The Weather

The St. Louis fall has the brightest colors, and Meghan's dress stands out against the reds and yellows so brilliantly. And of course she managed to fan it out beautifully behind her for the perfect photo op.

The Party Was Incredibly Fun

Looks like after an exciting reception, the night ended with dads sharing a dance with their daughters (that's Jim on the left).

Family Photos Are The Best

Look at the newly-formed Edmonds family! Aww. Even though this was a little less than a year ago, it looks like they're already as tight-knit as can be. And it all became official on this day. Since then, they've become reality TV stars, moved many times, and are still getting to know one another. But they'll always have this perfect wedding day to look back on and remember how it all began.

Image: Charles Sykes/Bravo