Happy National S'mores Day! 10 S'mores Recipes That Are Nothing Short Of Drool-Worthy, So You Can Celebrate Right

Happy National S'mores Day! You might think there's nothing on this gorgeous planet more delicious than a crisp, gooey s'more in its natural state — and you'd be kinda wrong. There are many different s'mores recipes and variations to be had outside of the typical graham cracker, marshmallow, and Hershey's chocolate recipe formula, and with this heavenly holiday upon us, you might as well try some new recipes. In fact, the stranger the added ingredients, the more impressive and yummy are the s'mores themselves. Because really, how could you screw up the powerful trio of a s'more? I'm pretty sure you could add anything edible, and there would be someone somewhere who would go gaga for it.

Summer is coming to an end soon (holding back tears), so you should really take advantage of this fantastic warm weather treat while you still can. Since s'mores are quite simple with their minimal ingredients and extreme flavor, it's easy to add a little something extra to improve the overall taste factor by a million. Whether you go with a dash of cinnamon or three slabs of bacon, you're making the right choice. So in honor of National S'mores Day, here are some wacky and wonderful s'mores you've probably never seen.

1. Speculoos Cookie, Nutella, and Candied Bacon S'mores

Better than a boyfriend. #Truth

2. S'mores Pavlova

This recipe from A Cozy Kitchen is like a s'mores pancake party in your mouth... that you never want to end.

3. Chocolate Peanut Butter Peeps Skillet S'mores

Because you know you still have a bunch of those stale Peeps from Easter that have yet to be eaten. A million thanks to How Sweet It Is for giving old Peeps a purpose.

4. Nutella Doughnut S'mores

All of your hopes and dreams just came true.

5. Banana Boat S'mores

Banana peels have historically only been useful in old slapstick comedies where a man lacking serious grace slips on one and dramatically falls on his caboose, but now they actually have a job to do! This recipe from The Kitchn shows a banana peel containing all of the major s'mores ingredients, and acting as a cooker on the grill, deliciously melting all three together.

6. Campfire Grilled S'more Calzones

These little treats by Half Baked Harvest are essentially dessert pies that you can cook on the grill. Ben Wyatt would LOSE. HIS. SH*T.

7. Key Lime Pie S'mores

Add a little taste of summer to this already summery gem by dropping in some key lime pie, a la The Kitchn. It'll instantly improve your mood.

8. Chocolate Doughnut S'mores

Not that you needed another reason to indulge in chocolate doughnuts, but just in case, here's one. Find the recipe at Inside BruCrew Life.

9. Matcha Red Bean S'mores

Matcha green tea and red beans on graham crackers? It doesn't sound like it would work. But it does. It definitely does.

10. Meringue Cookie S'mores

Can you think of anything more decadent than a marshmallow toasted to perfection, and sandwiched between two light, fluffy cookies? No, you can't. Jelly Toast has this recipe.

Image: Jelly Toast; A Cozy Kitchen; How Sweet It Is; The Kitchn; Half Baked Harvest; The Kitchn; Inside BruCrew Life; The Little Epicurean