Bringing Your Guy Home for Christmas, in GIFs

So, you've talked to your boyfriend or girlfriend and you've each hashed it out with your respective sets of parents. Bags are packed. Plane, train, and bus tickets are booked. It's, like, officially official: your significant other will be spending the holidays with you and your family. It's a big step, but the two of you have been doing so well lately, and your family is pretty dorky, but also pretty great. You feel ready. You are, in fact, fairly certain that everything will go swimmingly!

Haha, no, no, just kidding, you're actually waking up in the middle of the night with what you can only assume are ANXIETY HOT FLASHES. Because you're bringing your love interest home for the holidays and this can only end in the complete and total annihilation of everything you have ever loved. Or, at the very least, it holds the promise of potential awkwardness.

Because you're a survivalist and you need to face the worst before it happens (or doesn't), here's a list of the things that could go down this holiday season between you, your boo, and the whole family tree.

First things first – time to refill that Xanax scrip.

Because, face it, so many things could go wrong.

So many things.

Like, OK, worst things first: your parents walk in on you getting it on.

Or, slightly less terribly, your mom finds your sexy undies.

And then your dad’s like:

And he also gives your fella a Talking To.

So, even though you will inevitably get reallllly horny…

You really can’t do anything about it.

To the table! Your family doesn’t cook your significant other’s favorite holiday dish, so instead of being like:

It’s more like:

Oh, or maybe your parents forget that you’ve brought a vegetarian home.

Or, two words: drunk uncle.

So you get kind of mad at everyone, and your partner witnesses your mumbly wrath.

There's a chance that your family tries waaay too hard.

Which, while embarrassing, is really the best you can hope for.

But then you catch your paramour checking out your hot relative.

Or they black out over dinner.

And you go off on them.

Basically, no matter who fucks up, you’re going to get embarrassed.

And also possibly pretty angry.

But there’s always the chance that your family falls head over heels in love with them. Group hug!

Maybe too much in love with them?

But let’s face it: chances of that happening are slim.

Chances of this, however? HIGH.

Sooooo. Yep. Good luck with all that?

Image: Universal Pictures