Meet The Cast Of 'Kevin From Work'

ABC Family's latest sitcom, Kevin from Work, easily sounds like the premise of a 90-minute romantic comedy — boy thinks he's moving away, confesses love to his coworker, only to find out he's not actually moving away, and awkwardness ensues. Although it sounds like movie fodder, the cast from Kevin from Work are not A-list celebrities just yet. Most of the stars of the show are either new to the entertainment scene or haven't been in many notable projects. But when the show premieres on Aug. 12, the actors get to prove if they have what it takes to become household names.

Anyone who has worked in an office can relate to the cubicle life depicted in workplace comedies. In Kevin from Work, there is also the element of romance (not surprising since creator Barbie Adler used to work on How I Met Your Mother ) as Kevin is so smitten with his cubicle buddy Audrey that he accepts a job in Italy to get away from her. He drunkenly writes a love letter to her after his farewell party, but then finds out the job in Italy didn't pan out. The pilot episode shows him trying to retrieve the letter, but as this is a sitcom with many episodes, life isn't going to be so easy for Kevin.

While Kevin is obviously the main character, there is a quirky ensemble making up the supporting cast. So get to meet Kevin (from work) and the other actors who will be bringing this ABC Family show to life.

Noah Reid

The titular Kevin is portrayed by Canadian actor Reid. Although he's not a household name in the U.S., he has been acting for years — particularly on Canadian TV. Reid most recently was in the series Backpackers, had a large role in Strange Days at Blake Holsey High, and he even had a one-time part on Degrassi: The Next Generation (a rite of passage for all young Canadian actors). While his face may not be recognizable, there's one very important reason Reid's voice may be familiar — he was the voice of Franklin Turtle on the animated series Franklin from 1997 to 2004.

Paige Spara

A relative newbie, Spara plays Audrey, the coworker whom Kevin is in love with. Before being in Kevin from Work, Spara has been in short films like Prospect Street, What Showers Bring, and After the Hurricane. She'll also be in the forthcoming indie film Stale Ramen.

Matthew Florida

Since this is a sitcom, Audrey already has a boyfriend (who isn't as sweet as Kevin — obviously) in the form of Matthew Florida's Brock. Florida was in Days of Our Lives in 2007 as the reoccurring character Ford Decker. (Brock and Ford? This guy gets the manliest of names.) He also was Julian in the new version of 90210 for a few episodes while also having small parts in other TV shows like The Client List and NCIS.

Jordan Hinson

The most notable project Hinson, who plays Kevin's rebel sister Roxie, has worked on is A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas (she portrayed Mary, the daughter of the Ukrainian mob boss). But before she acted in a stoner film, Hinson was a Disney Channel star with the TV movie Go Figure and a science fiction star in Syfy's TV series Eureka.

Matt Murray

Every leading man needs a best friend and Murray plays Kevin's sidekick, Brian. Murray's previous roles have mostly been in Canadian television, like the show Rookie Blue (which ABC airs even though it's a Canadian show) and the web series Guidance.

Punam Patel

Audrey's roommate Patti is played by newcomer Patel. Besides Kevin from Work, Patel has only one other credit listed on her IMDb page — as a guest star on the Hulu original series East Los High. But that doesn't mean she's not going to make you laugh since Patel was a member of The Second City.

Jason Rogel

After a career of landing bit parts in popular shows, Rogel is finally getting some more airtime in Kevin from Work as Ricky, Kevin's coworker. Besides being on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and The Sarah Silverman Program., Rogel has been in single episodes of How I Met Your Mother, Bones, Dexter, Community, House of Lies, Hart of Dixie, Cougar Town, and — most fittingly — The Office.

Amy Sedaris

Kevin and Audrey's boss Julia is played by none other than Amy Sedaris. The Strangers with Candy star is no stranger to TV (see what I did there??) and is by far the biggest name in the cast. Expect the wackiness you're used to seeing from Sedaris in shows like Adult Swim's The Heart, She Holler and Amazon's Alpha House when she's on-screen in Kevin from Work.


He's not in the cast, but McG directed the pilot episode of Kevin from Work. Although his involvement may seem odd once you look at the rest of his body of work, McG is known for not sticking to one genre. His first feature length film he directed was Charlie's Angels (he also directed the sequel, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle) and he went on to direct the films We Are Marshall, Terminator Salvation, This Means War, and 3 Days to Kill. Although his speciality is in action films, McG has directed TV before, including the pilot episode of Chuck and a couple episodes of The Mysteries of Laura and that's not even mentioning the music videos he has directed. This year, he had a cameo in the FX series The Comedians with Josh Gad and Billy Crystal, so maybe he will join the rest of the cast by showing up in Kevin from Work one day. The more wacky people in the office, the better.

Images: Scott F. Schafer, Adam Rose (2), Eric McCandless (4), Ron Tom (3)/ABC Family