Donald Trump Vs. 'The Bachelor' & 'The Bachelorette' In This One-Liners Quote Quiz

Donald Trump has said some pretty dramatic things, both before and during his presidential campaign. But can he top the drama that is the ongoing saga of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette? After all, we already know he's dramatic enough for his own reality TV show. Whether you hate to love Bachelor Mondays or you love to hate Trump, this one-liners quiz pitting Trump against The Bachelor and The Bachelorette could surprise you. Can you guess who said what?

Since announcing his candidacy in June, Trump has quickly become politics' bad boy, speaking off the cuff and without a filter. At this point, it seems like nothing he says could really shock you. Then again, we thought that about Juan Pablo, too.

If you think about it, Trump and the Bachelor/Bachelorette cast actually have a few things in common. They're both looking to win over a very important audience. On TV, it's more about finding love. But for Trump ... well, I'm still not entirely sure who he's trying to win over. Either way, they both deliver some great soundbites. Now if only Chris Harrison could host Trump's campaign.

1. "Out Of All The Things That Came Out Of My Mouth, I Really Didn't Think That Was The Most Offensive."

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Answer: Kalon McMahon from The Bachelorette

Trump has said plenty of offensive things (and he often doesn't think that they're offensive), but this gem came from McMahon on the Men Tell All special during Emily's season of The Bachelorette. During the season, he called Emily's daughter "baggage," and Harrison jumped at the opportunity to grill him on it during the reunion.

2. "I'm Going To Get Rid Of The Bad Ones Fast."


Answer: Donald Trump

This could be a particularly cynical Bachelor or Bachelorette's way of approaching the first rose ceremony … but it's actually Trump's way of approaching immigration. After all, all immigrants are criminals and rapists — right, Trump?

3. "All Of The Women … Flirted With Me — Consciously Or Unconsciously. That's To Be Expected."

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Answer: Donald Trump

I'm not sure if there's ever been a Bachelor this far gone. Trump wrote in his book How to Get Rich that all of the women on The Apprentice have flirted with him. It must be the hair.

4. "My Story Is Amazing."

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Answer: Kelsey Poe from The Bachelor

No true Bachelor fan could forget Poe going on an on about the story of her deceased husband on Chris' season — so much so that we started to stop feeling bad for her.

5. "I Have A Cousin Who Is Gay. His Sister Is A Nun."

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Answer: Juan Pablo from The Bachelor

This was Bachelor Juan Pablo's attempt at relating to the gay community. In an interview promoting the show, he "accidentally" implied that gay people are perverts, and he thought that this explanation might make things better. I'm sure they'll forgive you, JP — after all, your cousin is gay.

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6. "I Have So Many Fabulous Friends Who Happen To Be Gay, But I Am A Traditionalist."

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Answer: Donald Trump

I think this argument worked out only slightly better for Trump than it did for Juan Pablo. At least Trump is trying to appeal to conservatives.

7. "If One Of These Lames Are Better Than Me, Then Just Pick One Of The Lames."

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Answer: Ian Thomson from The Bachelorette

Thomson said this just before he left Kaitlyn's season of The Bachelorette. Trump could always borrow the quote for the next GOP debate, though.

Perhaps finding love and getting elected aren't very far apart. If the presidency doesn't work out, Mr. Trump, there's always reality TV — but you knew that.

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