8 Feminist News Stories To Read This Week

by Kylie Cheung

Frankly, it's been a frustrating week for feminists (you know what I'm talking about). GOP front-runner Donald Trump's nasty attempt at a period joke, politicians' shocking abortion stances unearthed, misogynistic attacks on UFC champion Ronda Rousey, and the list goes on. But this past week's conflicts have certainly heeded some interesting perspectives put forward by both insightful columnists and, of course, Miley Cyrus, and there's a handful of news stories all feminists should get busy reading (if they haven't already). Good feminism is always inclusive, so it's important to challenge yourself to stay on top of as many feminist issues as possible. That includes perspectives not only on cultural gender values, but race relations and the LGBT community as well. Feminism entails all of these issues, in every context, from politics to pop culture.

If you've had a busy week and missed this week's biggest waves in feminism, you might find this list of thought-provoking articles, essays, and reflections on feminist issues helpful. GOP candidates have certainly dominated this week with everything from frustrating Planned Parenthood inaccuracies and anti-choice perspectives to a certain candidate's disturbingly sexist tirade against Fox News' Megyn Kelly, but you'd be surprised what's happened this week beyond the political War on Women.

What You Should Be Reading

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  • "Miley Cyrus Just Slammed Taylor Swift And The Music Industry's Hypocrisy In One Fell Swoop," by Tom McKay for Mic, introduces Miley Cyrus' always interesting perspective on gender constructs in society, which she divulges in a to-be released interview with Marie Claire. Cyrus ultimately questions why society takes less issue with violence than it does, with sexual females.
  • "Why UFC 'beast' Ronda Rousey is such a big deal," by Emanuella Grinberg for CNN, is a must-read because whenever a woman makes big gains in a traditionally male-dominated industry, all feminists should be in the know. Rousey has never been shy about calling out sexism, and she has a long history of breaking records and defying gender stereotypes that all feminists should be aware of.
  • "Muslim Women's Role In Feminism," by Shelina Zahra Janmohamed for U.A.E.-based newspaper The National, concisely confronts both sexist and racially charged attitudes prominent in western societies. "There’s no single form of feminism and to those feminists who think Muslim women are oppressed and need saving: we’ve got a thing or two that you can learn from us," Janmohamed, a Muslim woman, wrote.
  • "'Oppressed People Are Everywhere': A Year After Ferguson, A Conversation With One Of The Protests' Organizers," by Brandon Ellington Patterson for Mother Jones, provides a glimpse into both the change and lack of it in Ferguson and society on the anniversary of Michael Brown's death, in an interview with feminist and Black Lives Matter activist Johnetta Elzie. Racial and sexual inequality often go hand in hand, so Elzie's insights, based on her real experiences, are valuable to all feminists.
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  • "Artist Pens Open Letter To Lena Dunham On Why She Won’t Work With Her," by Jamie Peck for Death and Taxes, provides some interesting insight into the pitfalls of the feminism of privileged women in light of the growing push for the decriminalization of sex work. Peck spotlights an artist who turned down an opportunity to work with Dunham because of the actress' stance against the decriminalization of sex work.
  • "What 'I Am Cait' Gets Wrong About Trans Suicide," by Katherine Cross for Feministing, critically analyzes Jenner's potentially damaging impact on trans-youth suicide and how the show sometimes feels manufactured to appeal to cis-Americans. Cross' article is no hit-piece, so even if you adore the show, you'll definitely appreciate some of the solid points she makes.