7 Dirty Jokes In Disney Channel Shows, Because The Naughtiness Isn't Limited To The Films

When it comes to the wonderful world of Disney, no form of media is safe. We all know that Disney films have dirty jokes that we as naive, innocent children never noticed, but here's a twist: Disney channel shows also get their fair share of saucy lines. As writers tend to try to entertain an audience that goes beyond the tweens that count themselves as fans of those shows, they occasionally slip a few jokes in there for the adults in the room, leaving pop culture sleuths like me to do the digging.

Because, let's face it, you either haven't watched a Disney channel show in a long time, or you're not about to admit that you were a big fan of The Wizards of Waverly Place. It's OK, we don't judge here (much). I've watched two of the High School Musical films in my deep 20s, and I may or may not have watched the second one for fun. The point is, for whatever reason, such things of interest would've probably gone unnoticed otherwise. But this is why I'm here, dear readers. Everything I do, I do for you.

Anyway, I won't tie you up any further. Here are seven dirty jokes that you may have missed in the otherwise innocent catalog of your favorite Disney Channel shows.

1. That's So Raven


In the episode of That's So Raven "Out of Control," Raven sees a vision of what she thinks is her best friends Chelsea and Eddie kissing. When Raven finally confronts the two, asking why they kept it a secret, Chelsea remarks, "I don't know, we knew if we told you, you know... you'd want you to control our every move." Quote the Raven, "Ooh! Ooh! I don't even wanna think about y'all's moves!" and to the idea that they're going to do it on stage, "What? My Dad runs a clean respectable business." All together now: "YA NASTY."

HOWEVER, turns out Chelsea and Eddie were just practicing how to salsa together. Poor Raven. She later admits, "Well I thought they were doing something, but a whole 'nother little something something."

2. Kim Possible


There are a handful of dirty jokes in Kim Possible, but I'm personally fond of this one. Kim and Ron confront dime store villain with a meat themed twist Frugal Lucre (AKA Francis Lurman) and Kim remarks, "Alright, Lucre, cough up the sausages!"

Ron, then, speaks for all of us and says, "Ew, rephrase please."

3. Suite Life of Zack And Cody


The OG Suite Life also has a slew of hidden dirty jokes, but one easy pick comes from the episode "Not So Sweet Sixteen." Zack is trying to talk to Esteban, and Esteban says, "Don't tell me you want me to talk about the birdies and the bees." But pump the breaks, Esteban, Zack says he's already had that talk with his dad. OK, that's a barely suggestive joke on its own...

Later, though, Zack and Cody are talking about how Cody managed to know how to get the perfect birthday gift for Maddie... by listening to her. Zack asks what he was doing at the time, and Cody replies, "Staring at her, thinking about that talk we had with Dad." Oh, you frisky kids!

4. Boy Meets World


Cory and Topanga had the most innocent of all courtships, so there isn't much for me to say there. But in "Breaking Up is Really, Really Hard to Do," an untethered Shawn makes out with a girl at Chubbies and tells a tortured Cory, "Remember in health class, that section on the movement of blood? I understand it now."

At first I was so sleepy I thought that no, maybe this was about blushing or something. And then I re-read the "health class" part and was like, "No, wait, it's a joke about penises."

5. Wizards Of Waverly Place


Aw, young Selena Gomez. So fresh faced and innocent, right? Well, in the episode "I Almost Drowned In The Chocolate Fountain," Alex (that is, baby Gomez) is trying to hide a Pocket Elf, saying it's her retainer case. Justin remarks, "You don't have a retainer." And Alex goes, "You don't know what goes in my mouth."


6. The Proud Family


If you haven't seen Swordfish (incidentally it's not really a children's film), this one would go over your head easily. In the episode "Penny Potter," Sugar Mama and Bobby are watching Swordfish, right to the point where Halle Berry is about to move her book and flash the audience. Why is this in here? Who would otherwise get this?

7. Phineas And Ferb


This one is more amusing than legitimately shocking. In "Phineas and Ferb Summer Belongs to You!" Phineas is traipsing around Paris with Isabella, who's singing about his lack of attention in the city of love. At one point, though, Phineas is particularly fixated on a red windmill... the Moulin Rouge. You know, current tourist attraction, formerly housed can-can dancers and courtesans alike. Love may not be on Phineas' mind, but maybe something else is...

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