7 Reasons Other Than Fitness To Go To The Gym

by Jodie Layne

You like working out and you know how good it makes your body feel — that's why you bought a gym membership in the first place, right? Well some days, despite enjoying it and understanding the benefits of a good sweat session, you just need a little extra motivation to work out to supplement your sudden lack of enthusiasm. No matter how much we like something, there are going to be days where it just seems as unappealing as trying on jeans two days before your period.

If I only went to the gym when I really felt like it, I'd go once every two weeks. Maybe. Just like how making kale into chips or sneaking it into smoothies makes it a bit more palatable, there's more than one way to get stoked about something. When being able to add an extra five pounds to your press or an extra degree of incline to your treadmill as proof you're getting stronger just isn't enough, sometimes you have to appeal to your other sensibilities.

Whatever you're motivated by, just getting there is what's important in the long run. This isn't The Bachelor: No one cares if you're "there for the right reasons." So find your reason for getting moving and just do it. Here are seven ways to get your butt outta bed when you just don't wanna:

1. Watch TV

The one way to ensure you'll stick with your workout is to make it hard to leave. My favorite way to do that is to go while your favorite TV show is on at the gym. Bonus points if it's something you can't watch at home. Whether you pick a half-hour sitcom or a one-hour reality show hot mess is up to you. Who says catching up with your shows means you're a couch potato?

2. Do It For The Gear

Picking workout gear that makes you feel cute or excited to use it isn't just about making you feel good while you work out, it can actually motivate you to work out on days when you need that extra boost. My workout pants make my butt look so good that I want to be in them as much as possible.

3. Take Advantage The Other Amenities

If your gym has a sauna, steam room, pool, or hot tub, why wouldn't you want to be there as much as possible? Even if you're sick or taking a rest day, stopping in to go for a dip or a steam helps keep a routine going and gets you in the building. Does your gym have amazing showers? You know your day is going to be better if you start it off with a steamy rainforest-like experience instead of your apartment's half-assed low pressure.

4. Turn It Into A Social Event

Haven't seen your best friend, sister, or old roommate in a minute? Go to the gym together to laugh at each other while you flail about in a new fitness class or help spot each other. Then head out for a delicious lunch afterwards.

5. Do It For The 'Gram

Hey, who said your motivations have to be pure? If your grid's looking a little lackluster, a gym selfie can be just what you need to spice it up a little bit. Whatever, you know that half the gym is there for the same thing. There's nothing wrong with a little vanity now and then.

6. Bust That Stress

If you're angry about something that happened at work, everything just seems to be going wrong, or you're just feeling some general stress and anxiety, getting some energy out through squats or pool laps can only help. Work out your frustrations or anger on that punching bag and throw that medicine ball like you're mad at it, girl.

7. Get Some Alone Time

If your kids won't give you a second to breathe, your roommate won't stop playing Ed Sheeran, or your partner is asking you questions every 10 seconds, the anonymity of the gym and the barrier between you and the world that's created by putting on headphones is priceless. I mean, you're technically around a bunch of people; but everyone's in their own little world. Ahhh: nothing but you, your killer playlist, and five miles for the next hour.

Next time you feel like you just can't even with the gym, there's probably something else that can push you to get your sweat on. Or perhaps seven somethings.Images: SolisImages/Fotolia