PornHub Premium Is Coming, And It's Kinda Like An X-Rated Netflix

Much to the chagrin of freebie loving folks everywhere, the Internet's largest porn site is launching a monthly subscription service. For the low, low price of $9.99 per month, PornHub Premium is touted to be the Netflix of porn, offering viewers something they can't get from the loads of content already up for grabs online.

Although paying for porn is more of a commitment than sneaking onto your favorite free site for some clandestine searching, there is something about the inaccessibility of content that makes it more desirable. We always want what we can't have, so props to PornHub for making us work for it. However, one can only hope that the premium content behind the paywall will be equally as arousing to women as it is to men.

According to recent stats released by the porn giant, us ladies are more likely to search for porn featuring cunnilingus, lesbian scenes, rough sex, and massive members. And the number one porn actor women are after in these searches? The ultimate man-whore-next-door, James Deen. So, if PornHub's exclusive content includes any of the aforementioned things, it might be time to pay the porn piper. Here are three features that the monthly service is said to include:

1. No Ads


There will be no interruptions in PornHub Premium, so you won't lose focus between pressing play and getting to it.

2. High Quality HD


What's the point of porn if you can't see what's happening? High definition adult cinema is the wave of the future.

3. Exclusive Content


While it's unclear what kind of exclusive content will be at your fingertips, PornHub is probably going to pull out all the stops to leave you coming back for more.

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Images: Foundry/Pixabay; PornHub TV/Vimeo