6 Spot-On 'Stitchers' Theories For Season 2

by Keertana Sastry

Boy did the Stitchers finale set up a lot of mysteries for the show to solve throughout its already renewed Season 2. Most importantly, of course, being Cameron's dead-or-alive status followed by the mystery of Kirsten's past and what happened to her parents during their time creating the Stitchers program. And, speaking of the program, we still don't know what Mr. Les Turner, the head of the program, is using the Stitchers technology for now that the tests with Maggie's team have been such a success. So, here are a few theories about Stitchers Season 2 I've concocted myself and with help of some fans on social media. Thank goodness for fandom and for renewed TV shows, amirite folks?

The Stitchers program has so many unanswered questions, intrigue, and more. There are even some moments from Stitchers Season 1 that could determine what will happen when the show premieres Season 2, whenever that might be. So, from Les Turner to Liam and Cameron's fates, here's what could happen when Stitchers returns for its brand new season.

1. Cameron Is Still Alive

Because if the show actually killed Cameron, there would be a revolt... by me. Honestly, after putting so much effort into showing how perfect Cameron and Kirsten are together, and after showing that Cameron and Kirsten knew each other as kids, would it really make sense for the writers to just kill off the guy? No, it would make literally no sense at all.

2. Kirsten's Mother Is Still Alive

Could she be the person talking to the old Stitchers' security man who was killed? Could she have sent a message through stitch for Kirsten to receive?

3. Kirsten's Father & Liam Are Working Together

We know Liam is working for someone, but we still don't know who for and what his purpose is. I would like to think that Liam is working with Kirsten's father and is trying to be a good person, especially since Kirsten's father may or may not have popped up in a photo with Liam earlier in the season.

4. Or, Conversely, Liam & Les Turner Are Working Together

Or he could be a total jerk that is hellbent on destroying Kirsten's need to seek out the truth.

5. Linus & Camille Finally Become An Item

Can Linus get over Camille taking Cameron's job and just date the girl already? They are amazing together. Get over it, Linus. Seriously.

6. Maggie Becomes Loyal To Kirsten Over Les & The Stitchers Program

It's time for Maggie to officially choose sides, especially since Les seemed so comfortable with Cameron temporarily killing himself to be used for a stitch.

Good thing Stitchers left us with a lot to think about. Now we can spend the next few months theorizing about Season 2 and crossing all our fingers that Cameron is alive.

Images: Craig Sjodin/ABC Family; stitcherstv/Tumblr (6)