Will A 'Pretty Little Liars' Movie Happen? Season 7 May Not See The End Of The Liars' Adventures

After years of torture, questions, lies, secrets and misdirects, our favorite Liars will finally discover who Charles really is in the Season 6 summer finale of Pretty Little Liars. The episode will also reveal who killed Toby's mother, who hit Alison with a rock before she was buried alive, and the identities of Black Widow and Red Coat, which basically means the show is planning to answer all of its major questions in one big, explosive hour of television. But what comes next? The series was simultaneously renewed for Seasons 6 and 7, so there is at least more season guaranteed, but then what? While I'm sure many fans are hoping for a Season 8, I'm already thinking beyond TV. Could there be a Pretty Little Liars movie? The show's creator I. Marlene King doesn't seem opposed to the idea.

In fact, in March 2014 at PaleyFest, King stated that she would love to make a movie, as reported by Variety, and that the question comes up all the time. Then in November, star Lucy Hale told E! News that she'd heard rumors of a movie. Most recently in August 2015, Variety's Elizabeth Wagmeister tweeted that according to King and star Shay Mitchell, an eighth season or movie is "very possible."

So while there are no official plans for a movie, there's definitely interest from the people involved in the show, which is enough to give me hope of watching the Liars on a big screen some day. Of course, I also have to wonder what this potential movie would be about. If the main mysteries of the show are all going to be answered by the end of Tuesday night's summer finale, what's left to discuss? For more on the series' various loose threads and future, check out Bustle's PLL podcast, Taking This One To The Grave.

Moving on from the main A mystery is also a concern for the upcoming second half of this season, which will take place after the five-year time jump, as well as Season 7. There are so many different ways that the series could keep going and still maintain the same level of intrigue and excitement its had for the last five and a half seasons. Charles may be ready to reveal his identity, but that doesn't mean he'll be caught and imprisoned for his crimes. Besides, the girls could uncover even more mysteries that need to be solved after the time jump. This A reveal and time jump only open up PLL to even more possibilities in the future, whether as a movie or through additional seasons on ABC Family.

Another question to consider is if a movie does happen, how will we get to see it? It's possible that the show pulls a High School Musical and makes a film for a mainstream theater release. Or it could come in the form of one last two-hour television movie event on ABC Family. Then there's the Veronica Mars route, where fans can purchase the movie to watch online or On Demand. No matter what form it comes in, I just hope that if PLL becomes a movie, the series leaves the plot open enough to create an interesting story. If an hour-long episode of Pretty Little Liars can blow our minds, just imagine what the show could do with a full-length film.

Want to see a lighter side of PLL? Watch people who have never seen the show before try to solve its many mysteries in the video below.

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Image: Eric McCandless/ABC Family