When Will 'Pretty Little Liars' End? I. Marlene King Has Plenty Of Time To Wrap Up Every Mystery

It seems that if you’re a Pretty Little Liars fan, you’re always talking about an ending. When will we learn who Charles is? Where will Aria and Ezra end up? Is Mona really dead? Where is Maya? Whatever happened to that weird guy from the motel? It’s nothing but questions leading to a final ending point, and, speaking of finality, when will Pretty Little Liars end? The show has been renewed through Season 7 (we’re now in Season 6), and I. Marlene King has sort of kind of said that that’s all she’s writing. But is it true? Will Pretty Little Liars end after Season 7, bringing this Rosewood (and Ravenswood, though I’m trying to forget that part) saga to a close?

It's hard to believe that Pretty Little Liars is ever going to end. There are just so many questions that need to be tied up in a pretty little bow. I’m kind of fearing that PLL will end up like Lost and ignore some of the things that viewers want to know. Luckily, a recent interview with King and star Shay Mitchell revealed that it's very likely that we'll see an eighth season or perchance a movie, which should provide enough time for every question we've ever had to be sufficiently answered. I’d be first in line, midnight showing for that flick (and so would many others, I bet). So as of right now, plan on PLL not ending until at least 2017. With that in mind, I have a few ideas about what I would like to see from that movie and/or any additional seasons. Check out Bustle's PLL podcast for more thoughts on the Liars' future, then read on for my predictions.

Caleb & Hanna Are Endgame

We’ve already gotten a sense that this is where Caleb and Hanna are going, post-Season 6B time jump, but I want Haleb to be all-time, forever and always. Despite their differences, they are the best match on the show and they deserve to be happy and make little Haleb babies. From that first shower scene to Caleb telling Hanna they’re going to New York, I can’t contain my excitement for these two.

Spencer Is a High-Ranking Lawyer In A Big City

Though she didn’t get into her dream school, Spencer’s bound to have a big job no matter where she goes to college. She would be an amazing litigator, and it would be very Dick Wolf-esque to have this high-powered attorney become an attorney because of a crazy man that haunted her in her past, don’t you think? I’d watch that spinoff.

That Emily/Sara Harvey Thing Is Non-Existent

Seriously, no more Sara. I’m begging you, writers. Get rid of her as quickly as she came in. From her obsession with showers to her inability to be alone, Sara Harvey is the worst character on PLL and she needs to go away. An Emily without a Sara and a series without Sara is a happy one. Don't make Sara Emily's endgame.

Aria & Jason Are Together

We already know that Aria has a taste for the older man, and Ezra pretty much sucks. You know whom she needs? Jason DiLaurentis. He’s hot, he liked her once, and they can comfort each other after all of this Charles nonsense blows through.

Ali Has A New Life

Ali’s kind of a hard person to pin down. I don’t know if she’s going to spin out of control after this Charles thing is revealed (like Aria would) or if she’s going to get tougher and gruffer (like Spencer would). That being said, she’s gone through an awful lot of crap and I want her to be happy. I think the only way for that to happen is for her to abandon Rosewood altogether and start fresh somewhere else, witness protection-style.

What are your hopes and dreams for Pretty Little Liars seasons to come? Watch the video below to see some total PLL virgins give their best guesses on the series' mysteries.

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