Laura's On A Mission Against The CIA On 'Homeland'

The Season 5 storyline of Laura receiving leaked CIA documents on Homeland can be a tough one to swallow, because it’s such a realistic premise. We’ve seen the issue of leaked government documents come up in real life recently, and the Showtime series is clearly taking on more and more of these relevant topics. But when it comes to the fictional version, Laura’s storyline is officially heading into dangerous territory. On Sunday night’s episode of Homeland, Laura went on a German television show to admonish the German government and CIA. As soon as the show ended, she was detained by the German CIA embassy, where agents attempted to get her to stand down and name her source of the leak. But as we can clearly see from her TV appearance, it was obvious that she was never going to take the bait, even if it did mean that she would endanger many lives.

One thing Laura has going for her is that she actually has no idea who sent her the leaked document — at least, not yet. But that almost changed, as she was about to meet her source before she was detained. Laura is now torn between truthfully shining a light on controversial issues of public safety and endangering millions of people.

Right now, she is staunchly on the side of truth-telling, but what she has yet to realize is that her ambition to continue leaking controversial CIA plans and actions might have a negative, even fatal impact of the people close to her. Saul received a photo showing Laura meeting with Carrie in an effort to have her authenticate the document in the season premiere. We know that Carrie didn't actually help Lauren, much to the journalist's anger, but Carrie has already proven to not be as loyal to the CIA as the organization may have hoped.

Since the CIA has put out a hit on Carrie, could the photo with Laura have something to do with this? Is it possible that someone within the CIA believes that Carrie is Laura’s leak and now must be taken out? And what might Laura do if she realizes that Carrie is now a target thanks to their connection?

Going forward, I think Laura will go out of her way to make sure that she receives all of the leaked documents, without realizing the consequences that might bring. There's already a hit on Carrie, so what's to stop the person who ordered it from targeting other people within the Foundation? Things are about to get very scary for Carrie and company on Homeland, and I am fascinated to find out what Laura will do with this information as Season 5 progresses.

Images: Stephan Rabold/SHOWTIME (2)