Kim Kardashian Celebrates 42 Million Instagram Followers By Introducing The Face-less Selfie — PHOTO

When you're Kim Kardashian, the word "milestone" means something very different. Kim Kardashian just reached 42 million Instagram followers — an "achievement" that deserves to be recognized. As always, girlfriend is giving the people what they want: a celebratory photo featuring the most revealing look yet at her bountiful cleavage. You guys, Kim is always there for you. Besides, you don't expect her to simply commemorate the day she graduates high school, turns 18, or gets married, do you? Not when she can also honor her millions of Instagram followers, her millions of Twitter followers, and the day she broke the Internet with a photograph of her buttocks balancing a champagne flute.

Every day, the 34-year-old reality TV star has a new and unique reason to show her gratitude for getting to live her life. Whether she's meeting Hillary Clinton and convincing her to take a selfie or publishing her own book of selfies, the selfie queen usually honors the day with a... selfie. That's why this particular photo is so bizarre — only a sliver of her flawless skin and insanely plump lips manage to be captured by the camera's eye. Otherwise, she is all boobs and they are the most stupendous, perky, stretchmark-less boobs Instagram has ever seen.

How do they look like this? When is the world going to find out she is actually a fembot or wearing a high-tech bra created in a lab in order to achieve such perfection? More importantly, is the message she is trying to send forth with this odd photo that her cleavage is literally worth $42 million, because these are the textbook definition of $42 million breasts.

Kim may have chosen to focus on her boobs and not her face because, as she has admitted to fans, her facial features are slightly different when she is pregnant. Perhaps she doesn't feel as confident about what she describes as her bigger nose, fuller cheeks, and bigger lips?

But, no, impossible. She recently posted two "milestone" photos and her gorgeous mug is front and center in both.

She and husband Kanye West recently hooked up with Clinton, whom Kim says is going to be the next president:

And then there was this momentous occasion (one that is far more significant than accumulating millions of IG followers). She somehow got Caitlyn Jenner and Kris Jenner to pose in a photo together, using the kind of diplomacy skills Clinton dreams about:

Remember North West's baptism? Kim showed her face and hid her child's sleeping visage:

So what's up with Kim hiding her face, possibly for the first time ever? Will Kim ever reveal the motivation behind her cleavage shot? Maybe she just realizes she is the gift that keeps giving and that her pregnancy boobs were meant to be shared and not locked up and confined behind shirt prison. For that, 42 million people are extremely grateful.