Kim K Revealed Who She Wants To Be Our Next Prez

On Thursday night, at long last, Kim Kardashian revealed she's definitely Team Hillary on Instagram. Keeks, who's been in the South celebrating a fan's birthday and snacking on beignets, is usually pretty quick to shy away from taking a stand on the big issues — she's declined to publicly state whether or not she's a feminist, and she's very infrequently spoken about racism in America — seems to have completely changed her tune, all in favor of supporting the next Leader of the Free World. And I'll admit, I love this.

She and Ye are reportedly en route to a campaign fundraiser for Hillary Clinton and her 2016 presidential campaign. Her Instagram was perfectly timed, too, hitting feeds across the globe at about the halfway mark of the first 2016 GOP debate, (also known as That One Time Donald Trump Said So Many Insulting, Untrue Things I Almost Had To Turn The TV Off), and it sends an incredibly powerful message to her more than 31-million-strong legion of fans. Not only does it reinforce, once again, that women should support other women, but it also reminds us just how important a voice Kim carries. You might not think she's the perfect role model, but what Kim's saying right now shows that maybe, just maybe, she is.

I'm all for Kim hanging with Hillary, and even more for Kim posting a selfie for the woman she hopes is our next president. Fingers crossed that she's right.

And what do you know? Kim got the picture we were all hoping for, adding how much she really loved hearing Hillary speak on her plans for the future for our country. Even Yeezus snuck his way into the picture, so you know the trio had a good time together.

Kris even snuck a pic, too. Like momager, like daughter.