Putting Elmer's Glue On Your Nails Is The Secret To A Perfect DIY Manicure, According To One Instagrammer

Let's face it: Unless you're a professional, giving yourself a manicure is pretty darn hard, and nail art is definitely out of the question. According to a creative Instagram user, however, Elmer's glue is the key for a no-mess manicure. Yes, that's right, folks; the solution to all your nail polish woes is an elementary school staple you've been peeling off your skin for years. Nothing like the smell of tacky arts and crafts glue to bring you back to the good old days, right?

This new hack comes right ahead of the release of Londontown's new smudge fixer, which launches in September and promises to fix all of your at-home manicure mistakes. Perhaps combining the forces of this glue ~magic~ with Londontown's mistake eraser may be the ultimate answer to DIYing a mani — nail art included. And really, there's nothing more satisfying than saving money on what would have been a $30 salon trip and getting to brag to people that yeah, you completed that complicated mani by yourself like a total nail guru. With these two hacks (if they really do work, that is), you might even be able to create your own nail art Instagram account.

To get a feel for the technique, here are some of Instagram user KT_TK1's more interesting applications. Basically, all you need to do is spread a bit of glue around your nail bed to catch excess paint. When you're done, you can peel off the dried glue to reveal spot-free fingers and a flawless mani. Peeling off the glue definitely the most fun part of this hack, if we're being honest.

You only need to watch these clips once to understand the method, but they're so addicting that you'll probably spend all day scrolling through her feed. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Who knew that an office supplies store would be the new go-to for beauty products? Guess it's time to invest in a Staples rewards card.

Videos: KT_TK1/Instagram (3)