A Nail Polish To Fix Your Manicure Mistakes Just Might Exist, And Here’s Where To Buy It

Every female on the face of the planet has suffered the tragedy that is painting your own nails only to have them smudge one minute later. Londontown, a vegan, cruetly-free nail polish brand, is here to ease all our pains with a new polish that smooths chips and smudges. Normally when you chip a nail shortly after painting it you have to add a glob of matching polish to fill it in. Any nail connoisseur on the block will be able to tell you how noticeable this dent is. It's always devastating to walk out from a perfect mani-pedi, drive home, and realize you smudged a nail (or two) on your way out the door. No matter what you do to fix it, it just won't look the same as when the lady at the salon did it. Cue Londontown's Kur Instant Smudge Fix, the possible answer to all of our perfect manicure prayers.

According to Londontown and reviews of the new polish, Instant Smudge Fix can be used in place of normal polish when you mess up a wet nail. All you have to do is paint it over the chip and watch it perfectly smooth in place.

If you make a monumental blunder (say, tripping over your cat and face planting on the floor) and totally ruin your whole nail, you can still take your coordinating color and do the whole blob situation before applying the Kur fix, according to the product's reviews. The polish is supposed to take your amateur work and make it look professional — and I'm talking Eva Chen pose worthy professional (well, hopefully).

Basically, if it works the way it's advertised to, this magic polish takes the time it would take to redo a whole ruined mani and fixes it in the blink of a minute. Personally speaking, I'm sold. If you want to grab your own bottle of Kur Instant Smudge, check out Londontown's website as of September 1, where it will retail for $14.

Londontown Kur Instant Smudge Fix, $14, londontownusa.com

Images: Fotolia; evachen212, margaret__zhang/Instagram