The Reason For The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Necklace

It's not hard to find reasons to rag on JJ on Bachelor in Paradise. He's as cocky as ever — which, who knew that was even possible after Kaitlyn's season. Then, JJ decides to sport a single-bead necklace on Bachelor in Paradise , and suddenly my list of "Issues I Have With JJ" just got a hell of a lot longer. But then — then — I realized that even the nice guys on Bachelor in Paradise have fallen victim to these awful necklaces, which leads me to ask: Why are these necklaces plaguing out Sunday and Monday night entertainment?

On Sunday's show, JJ was talking a lot of smack about the other men in paradise. But there, during his smack talk, was a single-bead necklace widely sitting on his neck and collarbone region, and I thought, "Wow, JJ, you're really judging others when you have that hanging from your neck?" But when I saw that the Jareds and Tanners of the world are also wearing these necklaces, I realized there must be some practicality to them. And indeed there is. It turns out, the necklaces the men wear in paradise are to hold their microphones. Yeah, it's that easy to explain (thanks to former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky).

So because that answer was so easily explained — wouldn't you much rather have heard that those necklaces are collars dogs wear for an electric fence so the guys don't wander away in paradise? — we might as well savor every second we have with them. I present, the best and worst of the single-bead necklaces on Bachelor in Paradise .

The Best: The Disguised.

Tanner's tank is helping disguise how awful the necklace really is, which makes this an instant win. It's all about fooling the eye.

The Worst: The Boatneck

JJ, don't make fun of any other guy when you're wearing this necklace. Also, sit it on your neck like a normal human being, OK?

The Best: Shirtless

Dan's necklace clearly loves the spotlight. And guess what, we love that the necklace loves the spotlight and doesn't need a shirt to accompany it.

The Worst: The Pendant

This is not a statement necklace, Mikey T. Don't try to make it happen, it's never going to happen.

The Best: Layering

Even though Jonathan is pretty much a shoe-in for leaving paradise soon, I've got to give him credit for layering up the Bachelor in Paradise necklace with his own. Love a guy that can have fun with accessories and make the best out of what he's given.

Images: Screengrabs/ABC