'Bachelor In Paradise' Season 2 Will Be Steamy

Have we recovered from The Bachelorette finale yet? Does everyone have a full glass of wine and a willingness to dive head first into another searching-for-love-in-a-stunning-place style competition? Great, me too. It's just not summer without beautiful people vying for love and screen time — and no one does it better than ABC. Now that Bachelor Pad is no more (and thank heavens for small favors) we have a new show packed with old favorites to tide us over between The Bachelor/ette seasons. Bachelor in Paradise Season 2 kicked off on Sunday night and it looks like its going to be delicious and glorious reality TV. But, more importantly, we're all already wondering who will hook up on Bachelor in Paradise Season 2?

In case your aren't familiar, the premise of this series is simple: find love (or a "real connection") or get your booty kicked off the island. It starts with (what else) a rose ceremony where six guys can give a flower to one woman (I would love to see this reversed with the women doing the choosing). There ends up being an uneven number, so it's up to the women to be assertive about finding a match. And, ultimately, people get into different relationships and just when they (and you) think it's all figured out, more contestants are added in. Whoever doesn't get a rose goes home. So, obviously the key to success here is to find a boo and run with it — which means there will be a lot of hooking up this season. And, though I'm not entirely sure who it will be — as a seasoned fan, I have my theories.

Ashley Salter & Kirk DeWindt

She is the quirky girl (or the extremely-edited girl, depending on who you ask), he's the personal trainer with an enthusiasm for taxidermy. Seems like they'd have a ton in common — plus, this is Kirk's third run on a Bachelor-show, so he knows what's up.

Jade Roper & Dan Cox

Dan got eliminated super early on during the Desiree-season, so he's got a lot to prove and Jade is one of the many contestants from Chris Soules’ season and knows what she wants. I'm hoping these two team up together — shirtless, of course.

Clare Crawley & Mikey Tenerelli

She really dodged a bullet on the Juan Pablo season and she rocked it during last season of BiP. So, I think Clare is going to crush it on Season 2 by hitting it off crazy well with Mikey. I mean, they don't have a ton in common, but they're both insanely attractive and that's as good a place to start as any.

Tenley Molzahn & Dan Cox

I'm not going to lie, I've been rooting for Tenley since all that Jake DePaiva nonsense went down years ago. I just want good things for her. And sure, Dan's in here twice because, like I said, he's got something to prove — but I think they're going to "prove it" together.

Mystery Combo

There is really no way to predict what will happen when you put a bunch of attractive, camera ready contestants together in a house filled with booze — well, aside from drama. And I am definitely predicting a whole lot of drama and sexy shenanigans for Season 2.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC (6)