Mariah Carey Collaborates With Justin Bieber On “Why U Mad (Infinity Remix)” & It Describes Every Layer Of Breakup Pain

Justin Bieber is crushing it with the collaborations lately! Bieber teamed up with Skrillex and Diplo for "Where Are U Now," which resulted in an amazing song and a visually stimulating music video. For his latest partnership, Bieber, T.I. and French Montana lent their talents to Mariah Carey's "Why U Mad (Infinity Remix)."

The result does what every good collaboration should: It brings out the best in each contributor, which ends up being a song of superstar proportions. In this case, that means Carey's iconic vocals and emotive tone, Montana's rap, Bieber's silky smooth voice and T.I.'s verse.

"Baby why you mad? Go on, tell me why you're mad / Packin' sh*t up in your bag and you're leavin' out the back," Montana says, kicking off the song. He goes on to talk about the complexities of breaking up, including sometimes drinking to numb the pain.

Carey jumps in with all of the fierceness of a woman who is not about to take any flack. She delivers the heartbreaking lines with confidence: "Close the door, lose the key / Leave my heart on the mat for me / I was yours eternally / There’s an end to infinity."

Bieber steps in for the second verse, adding to the layers of breakup pain. "It's like every time you call me / You know I can't leave you lonely / Cause I was always there when you need me," he sings, which is especially sad because it's clear this won't be a clean break.

T.I.'s verse rounds out the song. He speaks from the man's perspective, singing, "I know I'm no angel and I don't know why I go straight to danger / Can't explain it, lil' suspicion done drove her crazy."

The best part about all of the songs' contributors is that, collectively, they capture the multi-faceted aspect of breakups. There's so many emotions and reactions to sort through, and "Why U Mad (Infinity Remix)" successfully tackles the struggle. You can listen for yourself in the video above.