How To Dress For A Skype Interview For 5 Different Jobs

Oh, the dreaded Skype interview. Not only do you have to dress up your background for the Skype call, but you also have to dress up for an online interview (well, from the waist up anyway). Online interviews are becoming more and more prominent in the hiring process, so it's likely that you may encounter one during your job search. To the interviewer, it's the perfect way to have a face-to-face conversation without actually meeting in person. While this may be convenient in terms of travel and time management, it may not always be convenient from a styling perspective.

From your hair and makeup to your outfit and accessories, choosing what to wear for an online interview can be stressful. Who do they even expect? Is there a secret online interview dress code that no one tells you about? When it comes to interviewing online (and interviewing in-person), you want to be memorable for the interviewer. The perfect way to do this is through your outfit. Choose a stand-out piece that is sure to catch the interviewer's eye. Wondering what the best option might be? Take a closer look at the company you're interviewing with for that answer. Interviewing with a beauty brand? A bright lipstick is an amazing option. Chatting with an advertising firm? Choose a bold watch or statement necklace instead. Online interviewing is scary enough without having to worry about your outfit. Here are a few outfit ideas for your next online interview.

1. For A Marketing Position


Sleek, simple, and sophisticated is a good bet for this interview.

2. For An Editorial Position


Try getting a little more creative with this look, while still staying polished.

3. For A Beauty Position


If there's any interview for bold makeup, it's this one.

4. For A Human Resources Position


This look is sophisticated while still looking relaxed, which is a great balance for any interview.

5. For A Fashion Position


Have the most fun with this look, of course.

Now go out there and get that job!

Images: Pexels (1); emily-mcclure/Polyvore