Women Say Sydney Is Easiest City For Dating, Says New Survey, Plus 7 Things To Know About Dating Around The World

When the dating world gets you down, it’s easy to scream out, “I’m moving! There’s no one here for me!” And while that may be the case, realistically, if you could move, where would you go? Do you have a place in mind or is it just the idea of somewhere new? If you’ve yet to hone in on a specific city then a new study about the best places for single women — and men — can help.

The study by dating site, Coffee Meets Bagel, examined dating trends around the world. For example, what cities are easiest to date in (obviously, New York isn’t on the top of that list for women that's for sure) and what people are looking to come of their online dating experience. As the study found, 70 percent of people who are online are looking for relationships and even 11 percent are hoping to jump right into marriage. Sort of puts to bed the whole mentality that people who are online are only looking for sex, doesn’t it?

From the cities that are more likely to have sex on the first date to where you can find a guy who’s going to drop a bunch of cash on a first date, here are seven things Coffee Meets Bagel found in their study.

1. Men Have The Best Luck In Hong Kong

According to the study, the easiest place in the world for men to date is Hong Kong. Not far behind is Sydney, with New York and London coming in third and fourth places. Of course New York would be an easy place for men; single women outnumber single men by 230,000 ― that’s almost a quarter of a million!

2. Single Women Should Probably Move To Sydney

When it comes to easy dating for women, Sydney is where it’s at. In second and third place are London and San Francisco, and although New York is on the list for women, it’s in fifth place. However, I don’t think this study branched out enough, because no effing way should it be even on the top 10 easiest places for women ― said the woman who dated in NYC for almost a decade. Also, Australia has koalas, which is way better than squirrels anyway.

3. Men Are More Likely To Have Sex On A First Date

According to the study, New York men are the ones who are having sex on the first date most at 66 percent. For the ladies, their highest percentage of sex on the first date is 36 percent and is specific to Londoners.

On the whole, the majority of men, in all the cities surveyed, are hopeful of sex on a first date, whereas the percentage of women feeling the same way is much lower. For example, while 66 percent of men in NYC are looking to score on first dates, only 15 percent of NYC women are.

4. Only A Minority Of People Consider Themselves ‘Extremely Eligible’

When it comes down to eligibility, the majority of people don't consider themselves “extremely eligible.” Instead, the most “eligible city,” goes to San Francisco for women at 28 percent and Sydney for men at 29 percent. Come on, you guys, get some self-esteem and cut the ties from those exes who keeping sniffing around! Be eligible, and extremely so!

5. Guys In London Are The Ones More Likely To Spend Big Bucks On A First Date

According to the study, 35 percent of London men said they’d spend £20 to £40 on a first date; in USD, that’s roughly $31 to $62. Basically, you’re not going to Per Se for dinner, but at least you’re not going to the Olive Garden.

6. Only 12 Percent Of Online Daters Are Looking For Casual Hookups

Yes! We’re so concerned that it’s all about sex and no chance of love, but with that stat and the fact that 70 percent of users are looking for relationships, your online dating quest isn’t totally in vain.

7. Both Men And Women Rate Looks Most Important

Although both men and women agree that when it comes to finding an online match, physical attraction is most important, that’s not the only thing ― phew! For men, common interests and intellect round out the top three, and for women intellect and age, come in second and third, which is great news. Some of us just aren’t photogenic AT ALL.

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