Hear Newcomer Charlie Puth's Next Smash Hit

Charlie Puth is one of 2015's fastest-rising stars — and he shows no signs of slowing down. Case in point: During a recent interview with Official Charts, Puth announced that his new single is titled "One Call Away" — and it sounds like another smash hit. Another smash hit? Yes, for those of you who don't know, the 23-year-old New Jersey native is responsible for writing and singing the emotional hook on Wiz Khalifa's chart-topping Paul Walker tribute, "See You Again" — one of the biggest songs of the summer. Meanwhile, Puth's own debut single, "Marvin Gaye" — a Motown-inspired duet with pop sensation Meghan Trainor — is steadily gaining popularity. In fact, it's currently No. 10 on iTunes.

I suspect Puth won't officially release "One Call Away" until "Marvin Gaye" has run its course (which could be a while). But, fortunately for his fans, he's already begun performing the new tune during live shows. "One Call Away" is a thoroughly charming mid-tempo love song with a soaring piano-backed chorus (not unlike "See You Again") that you'll absolutely adore. Trust me, one listen is all it will take to convince you that this track is going to be big. On the refrain, Puth sweetly sings:

I'm only one call away

I'll be there to save the day

Superman got nothing on me

I'm only one call away...

Check out "One Call Away" below:

Puth's first full-length album, Nine Track Mind , is due out Nov. 6 via Atlantic Records. The talented singer-songwriter said during his aforementioned Official Charts interview that the upcoming set "has a hip-hop undertone but with pop melodies." "The pop side basically comes from me listening to a lot of Backstreet Boys as a kid," he explained. I don't know about you... but that sounds pretty awesome to me. I can't wait to hear more of his new material.

Puth's debut LP, Some Type of Love , is available on iTunes now.