7 Things 'The Mindy Project' On Hulu Will Give Us That We Might Not Have Gotten On Network Television

It's not often that a fan favorite show is saved from cancellation. Luckily, when Fox made the decision to cancel The Mindy Project, Hulu swooped in to save the uproariously funny show. Not only are Mindy Lahiri and the whole gang at Shulman & Associates back together again, we will get to see what they've all be up to when Season 4 of the show premieres on Hulu on Sep. 15. Since Hulu doesn't follow the same format as network television, we can expect to see some changes in the 26-episode fourth season; but not all change is bad. Show creator Mindy Kaling spoke about the Hulu season at the Television Critics’ Association this past weekend stating:

"I’m such an ambitious person and I am so grateful to Hulu for giving us this opportunity, and I just want to make the show better than it’s ever been, and we had the opportunity and I think it is. Twenty six episodes is more than I’ve done on any series I’ve ever been on. It went from being, ‘We’re never going to do the show again’ to ‘We’re going to do more work than we ever have.'"

Still, producers of the show have promised that the tone of the show will remain very much intact, even though it will be free of the constrictions of network television. Until we really get the inside scoop of what's going on with our favorite OBGYN, here are seven things we can expect to see on The Mindy Project when it premieres on Hulu.

1. Dirtier Dialogue


The Mindy Project co-star and producer Ike Barinholtz chatted at TCA about the desire not to turn the show into something that could be seen on HBO. However, he did say that with the restricts of network regulations lifted, the show now had the freedom to "have a scene that ends with Mindy [saying] 'God d*mn it.'" Though this might not necessarily make anyone's grandma blush, I can only assume that the innuendos and dialogue will be just a tad dirtier than they were on Fox.

2. No Marathoning


One of the things that I was most excited about when Hulu announced they were picking up The Mindy Project was the possibility of marathon watching an entire new season at once. However, that's no longer going to be the case. At TCA, Hulu’s SVP of Content Craig Erwich said, "We want to give viewers an opportunity to discover their favorite shows every week." Still, Hulu is definitely making up for this with their extra lengthy Season 4, and the fact Seasons 1 through 3 are all currently available to watch on the streaming service.

3. More Tamra & Beverly


Since network television has time constraints in place for episodes, the storylines of supporting cast members often get put on the back burner. Luckily, Hulu is allowing The Mindy Project more flexibility. Executive producer Matt Warburton said at TCA, "The show can breath a bit more and…it’s going to let everybody shine even more." I'm crossing my fingers for some Beverly backstory.

4. More Amazing Mindy Fashions


I'm just going to admit it. One of the main things I love about Mindy Lahiri are her daring fashion choices. Now that she's pregnant, I'm sure her style is going to be even more amazing. Her assortment of colorful Chanel bags speak to my soul.

5. Mindy & Danny's Baby


Mindy Lahiri has always had good intentions, but her execution has sometimes been rather questionable. With the impending birth of Mindy and Danny's first child, things are bound to go a bit haywire. Executive producer Matt Warburton gave Mindy fans a bit of insight on how ill-prepared Mindy is for motherhood. He said at TCA, "She's at square one when the baby pops out." I'm not sure how motherhood is going to be for Mindy, but I'm so ready to go along for the ride.

6. A Road Trip


One of my favorite parts of Season 3 was Mindy's fellowship in San Francisco. Away from the hustle and bustle of NYC, Mindy had to acclimate to a completely new environment all on her own. It seems like we will get to see more of the gang away from the city in this upcoming season. Mindy Kaling revealed at TCA, "We have a road trip episode coming up...It's going to be a disaster." Disasters are usually comedic gold.

7. An Alternate Universe


At present, Mindy is pregnant, and she and her boyfriend and fellow OBGYN Danny Castellano, are living together. However, according to E! News, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been cast as Matt, a reality show producer at Bravo who is married to Mindy in an alternative universe. I can only imagine that this means Mindy and Danny are going to be experiencing some trouble in paradise in this upcoming season.

The fourth season of The Mindy Project will premiere in just over a month, and I couldn't be more thrilled. I'm certain that, under Kaling's direction, that show will just keep getting better and better. Until then, I'll keep my eyes peeled for the trailer.

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