'The Mindy Project' Season 4 Has A Premiere Date & Here Are 12 Ways To Prepare For Mindy's Return

Just a few months ago it looked like The Mindy Project was doomed, but then Hulu swooped in and picked Mindy Kaling's comedy up for an extended 26-episode fourth season. Now Hulu has announced The Mindy Project Season 4 will premiere Tuesday, September 15. That's right guys, in just a little over a month, Mindy Lahiri will be back to dazzle fans with her stunning wit and killer wardrobe.

I don't know about you, but I am spazzing out a little from this news. Knowing more Mindy was on the horizon was one thing, but knowing Season 4 is coming so soon is another. I have so many questions that I want answered. Will Mindy's parents like Danny? How are Mindy and Danny going to cope with parenthood? Will Peter come back to visit? I could spend the next month driving myself crazy thinking about all of the possible scenarios, or I can just focus on enjoying the fact that there are so many new episodes of The Mindy Project on the horizon.

Because I am certain everyone needs some distraction now that Season 4 has an actual premiere date, I have come up with 12 ways you can prepare for Mindy's return.

1. Get Yourself A Hulu Subscription, STAT

This is very important. You need a Hulu subscription to watch The Mindy Project, so bust out the $7.99 a month and think of it as the expense tax on your eternal happiness.

2. Rewatch Seasons 1-3

Relive the whole show from the beginning. Remember when Mindy's BFF was Anna Camp? Or that time B.J. Novak showed up and everything was beautiful and nothing hurt? Or when Mindy schooled James Franco on who was the best at doing shots? You have time to relive it all! Probably. Full disclosure: I'm not great at math.

3. Get Your Friends Hooked

Every day you don't get your friends hooked on The Mindy Project is another day you are letting them live half-lives. As a fan and a friend, it is your duty to spread the love.

4. Make A Pinterest Board Dedicated To Mindy's Outfits

If you need style inspiration, Mindy should be your go-to girl. Even when she's lounging, she looks flawless. Here's a cool Pinterest board to get you started.

5. Watch Sliding Doors

The Season 4 premiere is an homage to the 1998 Gwyneth Paltrow movie Sliding Doors that focused on the idea that a separate timeline can be made by a single choice. The opener will find Mindy married to Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Danny with someone else. It's only for one episode, but it never hurts to do your pop culture homework.

6. Re-Read Kaling's Book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?

September is kind of a big deal for Kaling, as not only is Season 4 of her show premiering, but her new book Why Not Me? is being released. Get this: Both are happening on the same day. To prep for both and get your Kaling fix at the same time, break out Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? for a reread. You know it's been too long.

7. Dream Cast Mindy's New BFF

Word on the interwebs is Mindy will be getting a new best friend this season. Since Season 1, Mindy hasn't had many lady friends to pal around with, so it will be awesome to see her add a woman to her posse. I have already indulged in a bit of dream casting myself, and it is a great way to pass the time.

8. Write Some Danny/Mindy Fan-Fic

Whether it's just imaging Danny and Mindy making out in your mind palace or actually putting pen to paper, getting creative is the perfect way to relieve some of your Mindy/Danny anxiety. It's been way too long since they exchanged smoldering glances, so there's no harm in helping them out.

9. Follow Kaling On Instagram

Kaling's Instagram is a gold mine full of behind-the-scenes goodness. Not only does she post sneak peek pictures like the one above, she also posts lots of candid behind-the-scenes photos. Her Instagram is perfect for anyone who is curious about what goes into making a TV show on both sides of the camera.

10. Marathon The Best Kelly Episodes Of The Office

Before Mindy Lahiri there was The Office's Kelly Kapoor and she was fabulous. Go way, way back for a mini-marathon of all the best Kelly episodes. Personally, I would start with "Valentine's Day" and go from there.

11. Plan A Season 4 Premiere Party

Whether or not you actually want to invite anyone is up to you, but buying some Mindy-approved snacks (pizza and a chocolate fountain, anyone?) and whipping up some pink martinis will make the big day all the more festive.

12. Stare At This Gif

This should occupy you for at least a week.

I hope you've found a way to pass the time between now and September 15. Let the countdown to new The Mindy Project commence!

Images: Fox; Giphy (11)