CBS' 'Supergirl' Trailer Looks Amazing & Here Are 7 GIFs To Get You Excited For The Show

In case you've missed all of the buzz, CBS' new show, Supergirl , is primed to be 100 percent amazing. The series centers around former Glee star Melissa Benoist, who plays Kara Kent, Clark Kent's cousin from Krypton. Supergirl promises to give us all kinds of fierce female awesomeness, especially Jenna Dewan-Tatum will play Lucy Lane. I'm already struggling to contain my excitement (of course), but that just got way harder because CBS released another teaser titled "Supergirl - A Hero Will Rise."

The one-minute clip is basically a montage of dramatic moments from the debut season. The highlight (aside from every time Benoist confidently rocks the iconic Supergirl uniform, of course) is seeing her step up to embrace her destiny as a super hero. Want to know what we're in for this season? According to the official Supergirl website:

Kara’s days of keeping her talents a secret are over when Hank Henshaw, head of a super-secret agency where her sister also works, enlists her to help them protect the citizens of National City from sinister threats. Though Kara will need to find a way to manage her newfound empowerment with her very human relationships, her heart soars as she takes to the skies as Supergirl to fight crime.

Supergirl is coming to CBS this fall, but until then, here are seven highlights from the action-packed teaser.

1. When Kent Comes Clean

"I'm her!" she admits, thus setting the course of the series in action.

2. When We See Her In Action

You know, just saving the world.

3. When The World Wants To Know Her Identity

Sorry, world. It's staying a secret for now.

4. When We See A Bit Of Her Origin Story

Oh, hey, epic moment.

5. When She Owns The Supergirl Uniform

Guys, this just makes me so happy/excited.

6. When She Makes The Famous Identity Switch

It's not a phone booth, but you get the idea.

7. When We're Left With This Amazing Shot

Is it fall yet?

Images: CBS (screenshot); CBS (7)