Will Nick Jonas Be On 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians'? You Might See More Of Your Favorite Jonas Brother Than You Thought

Not a day goes by without a new flood of rumors about The Kardashian/Jenner clan emerging and the latest rumor has the 'shippers going crazy. Reports have surfaced that Kendall Jenner and Nick Jonas might be dating and, if the rumors are true, I'm just glad this pretty lady has found a gentleman. With the budding relationship in the public eye, the real question is, will Nick Jonas be on Keeping Up With The Kardashians?

I can only imagine all the diehard Jonas brothers fans are either very stoked or very dissatisfied with the Kendall Jenner and Nick Jonas rumors. I fall in the former camp, as any and all Nick Jonas time in my life is cherished with the deepest regard. However, I'm certain that the number of Twitter death threats that Kendall receives today will probably be a bit larger than usual.

The Kardashians have grown increasingly more comfortable with exposing the nuances of their lives with the masses. The latest Kardashian and Jenner gossip has me crossing my fingers that we'll get to see this beauty and her new bae on KUWTK together as their relationship blossoms. I can only imagine that the dating life of Kendall Jenner would make for the best (and most dramatic) reality TV.

He's Not So Bad On The Eyes

I mean, if I have to stare at someone for prolonged periods of time, I'm pretty cool with it being Nick Jonas. I'll allow it.

Kendall & Nick Would Be Cute To See Together

Could this coupling be more attractive? I would love to see these two brunette babes side-by-side.

We'd Get To See If Nick & Bieber Have Any Beef

I can only imagine that Kendall's rumored former flame might have some feelings of resentment about his ex's latest man. With the Meek v. Drake debacle simmering down, we could another celebrity feud to keep our lives interesting. Perhaps Nick v. Justin is our next form of entertainment.

We'd Get To See What Kendall's Like In A Relationship

We all know that Kendall's the sweeter of the Jenners but she also has a wild side to her. It'd be so interesting to see what Kendall would be like in a relationship. I can only imagine she'd be a bit of a high-maintenance girlfriend.

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