Jaja's 'So You Think You Can Dance' Audition Makes It Clear Why This Krumper's A Finalist

So You Think You Can Dance doesn't give us a "journey" for its contestants like other reality shows do — it's more of a straight competition and any drama that happens is extra (in more ways than one). However, as the Top 20 move forward in the competition, it is sometimes fun to look back at the audition that got them started. For example, what was JaJa's So You Think You Can Dance audition like? Luckily, we have multiple examples for the Czech dancer. Jana “JaJa” Vankova auditioned for both Season 11 and Season 12. Last season, while she immediately charmed the judges, Jaja did not make the Top 20. Luckily, she's back and better than ever. Maybe there's a journey here after all!

The Team Street dancer, who has also been featured on America's Best Dance Crew and Step Up All In, auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance with animation/krump routines both years, got standing ovations both times, and has excelled in other styles so far on the show. We learned on the Fox series that she was going to be a lawyer and loves to cook. Who could have guessed that she'd become a professional dancer and choreographer. As for her auditions? Let's compare the two and reflect on how this tiny redhead joined Team Street.

Season 11 Audition

CDplayABDC6 on YouTube

Look at her! She's like a krumping Little Orphan Annie. Last season, Jaja revealed to Cat Deeley that she trained with So You Think You Can Dance Season 5 finalist, Phillip. It's interesting — she's made it so much further this year, yet her original audition told us a lot more about Jaja the individual. Did they not want to repeat themselves, or does audition coverage really not have anything to do with a dancer's chances on the show?

Season 12 Audition

This year, at the Los Angeles auditions, both Jaja's routine and look were more polished. No more Annie here, and the judges lost their minds. In fact, I'm now wondering if we've seen anything this good or at least confident from Jaja on the show. She's excellent at contemporary and jazz styles, and I loved her duets with both Jim and Hailee. However, does anyone else feel like Jaja hasn't looked this at ease or made me want to jump out of my chair and applaud yet. Don't get me wrong, I'm not worried about her. She's a real contender for the whole thing. Jaja is solid, charming, and will hopefully have plenty of time to shine as the group gets smaller and the competition fiercer.

Image: Brooklin Rosenstock/FOX