'Bachelor In Paradise' Star Tenley Was Dumped On 'The Bachelor,' So Here's Every Cringeworthy Moment

If you're rooting for anyone on Bachelor in Paradise , it's probably Tenley. If you have kept up with the Bachelor franchises since birth — I have no regrets — you know that all the good in the world should be directed towards Tenley because she's had a stormy past on the Bachelor franchise. You see, once upon a time, Tenley met a man named Jake. Jake was a pilot who was "looking for love." Tenley fell in love with Jake and Jake said he could see Tenley as his wife. It's just like a fairytale, right? Wrong. So wrong.

Tenley made it to the final two on Jake Pavelka's season of The Bachelor. For those that believed in fairytale endings, Tenley seemed like the perfect choice. Well, there's no such thing as perfect, which became very obvious when Jake picked Vienna and dumped Tenley as the world watched. The finale when Jake chose Vienna was so cringeworthy because there were so many points where fans thought, "This is it, Tenley is finally going to get the love she deserves." And then, surprise, it doesn't happen.

So on behalf of Tenley hopefully finding love on Bachelor in Paradise, let's take a walk down memory lane and recall just how cringeworthy Jake's finale was, shall we?

1. Jake Picked A Ring Out For Tenley

Usually, the men pick out one ring for the woman they're going to propose to. Jake picked out one ring for the woman he was going to propose to (Vienna) and then one ring for Tenley (which he didn't give her). Why would you do that, Jake?

2. Tenley Was Ready To Marry Him

"Jake is the guy I want to marry," is a direct quote that Tenley said during the finale. Shortly after, she was single again.

3. Jake Didn't See Physical Chemistry

Jake aired a worry with Tenley during the finale that was so uncomfortable (and also a huge red flag) that it would have left Chris Harrison speechless. During their final date, Jake told Tenley that he had reservations about the physical chemistry between the two of them. Tenley, naturally, responded hurt. And the whole world cringed.

4. Jake's Dad Thought She Was His Future Daughter-In-Law

Tenley had dad's approval. (Which clearly didn't matter.)

5. Jake's Mom Thought They Were The Perfect Couple

Tenley also had mom's approval! (Which clearly didn't matter.)

6. Jake Told Tenley She Was "Just Perfect"

During the dump, Jake told Tenley that she was "just perfect." Dude, if you're going to dump a girl on national TV, she doesn't need to hear that you think she's perfect.

7. Tenley Ended Up Consoling Jake

Jake was really upset about dumping Tenley (she's "perfect," remember?) which led to Tenley consoling Jake about the break-up. Because Tenley is such a good person, she left Jake with the sentiment of "Thank you for making me feel special." Ugh. All in favor for Tenley being the next Bachelorette.

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