'Supergirl' Will Feature These DC Characters — Here's What You Need to Know About The Fan Favorites

We're still about two months away from the premiere of CBS' Supergirl, but that hasn't kept the excitement from growing. On Monday afternoon, CBS released a brand bew trailer of the upcoming superhero drama and the results are action-packed. It's high time a odmern female superhero was brought to TV and CBS has viewers ready for the next iteration of the caped crusader. It was revealed on Monday by co-creator Andrew Kreisberg that a handful of familiar DC Comics characters are going to make appearances on the show, including Red Tornado, Non, General Sam Lane. These new characters will be joining Livewire and Reactron in famous DC faces joining Supergirl. Kreisberg also hinted that Supergirl's more famous cousin Superman will be a part of the show's story, but won't actually appear on the series.

Newcomer Melissa Benoiss will star as Kara Kent and it was just announced that Jenna Dewan-Tatum will co-star as Lucy Lane, Lois Lane's equally brainy and badass sister — Supergirl is proving to be a show that really keeps the Superman universe all in the family. Supergirl also welcomes back Calista Flockhart (Ally McBeal) to television with her role as the big boss, Cat Grant. Needless to say, Supergirl is going to have one of the strongest women-lead casts on major network television.

If you're not as well-versed in the Supergirl story as much as your local comic book shop afficianado, here's what you need to know about these characters:

Red Tornado

Red Tornado is a villain turned hero — first he was on a mission to take down the Justice League, but then turned a new leaf and joined the side of, well, justice. This means Red Tornado could either show up to help Supergirl or be her foe.


TheChromiumDragon on YouTube

Non is a brute and a famous enemy of Superman. He's a powerful scientist from the planet Krypton who was lobotomized and is now on a mission to destroy for Zod.


Another villain is on its way — this one is a DJ by day and an electro-powered baddie by night.


Reactron is one of Supergirl's most famous foes. He's a human who wears a poweful suit full of weapons and defenses...you know, sort of like Iron Man but EVIL...and not Marvel.

General Sam Lane

Along with being Lucy and Lois Lane's father, he's a General in the U.S. Army and belives Superman (and likely Supergirl) are a threat to humanity. In his past, he's aligned with mega viallain Lex Luthor, so needless to say, he will provide plenty of conflict for Supergirl.

I don't know about you, but Supergirl sounds to me like the best thing to happen to awesome cheesy superhero television since Lois & Clark: The Amazing Adventures of Superman.

Images: CBS, DC Comics (2)