What Your Favorite Emily Fields 'Pretty Little Liars' Love Interest Says About Your Personality

If there's one thing that Pretty Little Liars has in equal number to its plot twists and mysteries, it's potential ships. Everyone loves a good love story, and Pretty Little Liars fans have it made when it comes to Haleb, Spoby, and even Ezria. But, while these three big relationships may be the most consistent on the series, there is one liar who has played the field just a little bit more — no pun intended. Emily Fields has dated plenty of ladies (and one not-at-all-worthy dude) during her six seasons on the series, and every fan of Pretty Little Liars has their favorite one for Em.

Emily may be interested in a certain "type" (as Paige informed her, it's "strong women"), but that doesn't mean that all of her former baes are exactly the same. Em's dated a ton of different women over the years, and, while she's currently single, I have a feeling that she'll find true love again soon, whether it's with one of these women or an entirely new person after the Pretty Little Liars time jump goes into effect.

Em may have picked all of these women at one point or another, but what does your favorite girlfriend of Emily's say about you? Here's a little clue into your own psychology, as evidenced by which of Emily's baes is also yours.


If you were all about Emily's first girlfriend Maya, you probably have a wild streak yourself. You understand Maya's desire to break free of Rosewood and expand her horizons, and don't see anything wrong with someone defying typical conventions if they're not hurting someone else. You're definitely the "chillest" of your friends, but you may be accused of flakiness on occasion.


You're incredibly loyal and protective of others, but are often guarded when it comes to your own emotions. You love very deeply but don't let other people see you vulnerable. You're competitive, and don't like being wrong, but ultimately put your relationships before your own desires because that is what is most important to you. You may come off as a little hot-headed at times, but it's really just your passionate nature shining through.


If Samara is your girl, you're likely very go-with-the-flow and don't get too wrapped up in dramatics. At the same time, you know your worth and know that anyone worth your time will treat you well: you don't put up with anything less than that. You know exactly who you are and aren't afraid to speak up about things you don't think are fair, but you do so in an even, respectful manner.


You may come off as traditional, but you find yourself happiest when you're pushing yourself to do things outside of your comfort zone. You sometimes feel like you are battling an internal struggle between what's expected of you and what you actually want to do. You're indecisive, but when you do make a decision, you commit to it — completely.


You have two sides to your personality: completely vulnerable or totally steel. You don't mind that people can never seem to figure you out, as it's part of your allure.


If you ship Emison, you're likely a romantic at heart. You believe that everyone can change, probably because you have changed yourself over the years. You can be tough, but you've learned to soften over the years and are now more compassionate than ever. You're a firm believer in happy endings, even when they seem unlikely.

Whoever you want Em with, I think we can all agree that it's not this person:

Bye, "Nate."

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