Hillary Clinton Condemns Donald Trump & Marco Rubio For Their Attacks On Women's Rights

In a temper tantrum against Fox News personality Megyn Kelly, Donald Trump has once again offended women everywhere. First, on Twitter, Trump called Kelly a "bimbo." Later, he proceeded to out-Trump himself by insinuating she had been menstruating during the first GOP debate, when Kelly intelligently and professionally called him out on past misogynistic statements. Republican candidates were certainly quick to denounce Trump's sexist jabs at Kelly, though they had nothing to say about his rude reference to actress Rosie O'Donnell. The Republican Party has accused Trump of alienating women voters, but the party as a whole has done that itself, especially when you consider the frankly horrifying ideas about women's health they all unleashed at the debate. While GOP candidates proceeded to celebrate their righteous takedowns, one Democratic candidate pointed out the ultimate hypocrisy of the spectacle by singling out another, less trumped up candidate. On Monday, Hillary Clinton condemned Trump and Marco Rubio for attacking women's rights.

In New Hampshire, Clinton had a lot to say in response to Trump's latest misogynistic tirade. Brilliantly, she used his immature words to open up a discussion that challenged both Trump and the Republican Party. I'll be the first to agree there's nothing more disrespectful than a period "joke," especially when its used to discredit and invalidate a woman making legitimate points like Kelly was, but Clinton couldn't have been more right: How are Trump's brash words any more offensive than the extremist anti-choice stance of Rubio or the GOP's entire women's health platform?

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"What Donald Trump said about Megyn Kelly is outrageous, but what the rest of the Republicans are saying about all women is also outrageous," Clinton said. "They brag about slashing health care funding, they say they would force women who have been raped to carry their rapist's child." The Democratic front-runner is referring to the shocking stance on abortion rights that Rubio championed at the debate, which included banning all abortions even in the cases of rape and incest. Clinton further elaborated, "[W]hat Marco Rubio said has as much of an impact in terms of where the Republican Party is today as anybody else on that stage, and it is deeply troubling."

And she's certainly right, especially when you consider that Rubio was on that stage because he was "one of [the GOP's] major candidates." Even more disturbingly, as she also pointed out, Rubio is "a much younger man."

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Clinton's points skillfully shut down Trump, but also gloriously attacked the anti-woman stances the GOP often buries beneath rhetoric. If you think about it, the term "pro-life" in of itself is just an example of the right's often deceitfully appealing rhetoric. It's obvious that Trump isn't a good person, but at least he's more transparent about it than his Republican rivals.

Pretty much every candidate on the GOP roster has made a fool of himself/herself (yes, that certainly includes Carly Fiorina) when it came to women's rights. Bush, the "moderate" candidate, questioned whether women's health needed $500 million, Trump called for a government shutdown, and everyone on Thursday's prime-time debate seriously upped the anti-choice rhetoric.

But Clinton was right to single out Rubio; his words were undeniably the most disturbing, as he essentially promised to deny abortion rights to American women regardless of the woman's health or horrific circumstances such as rape and instance. If Rubio has even considered the rights of pregnant women at all, he demonstrated at the debate that he finds them worth little to no account.

However little he cares about the feelings of pregnant women, the Florida senator and presidential hopeful's own feelings were clearly hurt by Clinton's knockout allusion to him. He responded to her by promising that "in the months to come," his campaign "looks forward" to exposing her "radical views on abortion." Yes, the man who stands against choice even in cases of rape and incest just called the pro-choice woman "radical." Projecting, much?