Has Megyn Kelly Talked About Donald Trump Since The First GOP Debate? The Fox News Anchor Has Stayed Above The Fray

During Thursday's Republican debate, Donald Trump took on nine of the leading GOP candidates — and Rosie O'Donnell. Since the debate, he has taken aim elsewhere, attacking Fox News' Megyn Kelly for asking what he considered "ridiculous" questions. But while the Republican frontrunner (yes, he's still leading national polls) continues his war against "political correctness," Kelly hasn't talked about Donald Trump — at least, not at him, in particular.

Near the beginning of the debate, Kelly asked Trump about his ability to deal with women:

At which point, Trump interrupted with:

Kelly went on and continued:

In response, Trump claimed that he thought political correctness was bad for the country, and implied he "could probably maybe not be" very nice to Kelly in the future for asking him the question. Spoiler alert: He hasn't been very nice since then.


On Friday night, Trump made one of his most controversial statements yet in an interview with CNN's Don Lemon. Regarding Kelly and her debate question, he said:

Critics immediately took his "blood coming out of her wherever" comment to mean he was implying Kelly had asked him the question because she was menstruating. Trump has argued that he didn't mean it that way, and I'd like to think he didn't. But it's just the latest example of Trump waging a war against someone with harsh words.

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For her part, Kelly seems to be taking the high road. She hasn't publicly mentioned Trump's comments at all. She has talked about the debate extensively. She anchored her show, The Kelly File, immediately after the debate on Thursday and the following night, and she has appeared on other news segments to offer her perspective on the candidates.

In one segment, she explained how she and her fellow moderators came up with the questions they asked each candidate during the debate. During an interview with Fox News' Howard Kurtz, Kelly said that she wanted to "drill down to their most vulnerable areas to give them a chance to explain them, and also give the audience a chance to see how they would handle that." Another statement she made during the interview seems like the perfect zinger to aim at Trump:

She didn't direct the comment toward Trump at all. In fact, she was justifying a question she asked Scott Walker. Still, it's a valid point, and a clear explanation for why the moderators asked questions which some considered to be personal attacks during the debate.

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Kelly also said that she expected some pushback from the candidates and from the audience because of the questions. Kelly might not address Trump about his comments, but it's probably not the last time Trump will have to face some tough questions about his treatment of women.