Shannon Opens Up About Her Marriage On 'Real Housewives Of Orange County' & Her Candidness Is Admirable

It was pretty surprising when Shannon Beador opened up about her husband's affair on Real Housewives of Orange County Season 10 premiere. Fans knew that there was something off about the marriage, but the honesty and openness of David and Shannon was pretty shocking, since it is something the two could have easily brushed under the rug and hidden from the cameras. While on vacation in Moorea, Shannon opened up about the affair to Vicki, and revealed even more details about what she describes as the hardest time in her life.

Vicki and Shannon split from the group during a snuba adventure to get some quiet time away from the chaos of the other housewives. It was then that Vicki asked how Shannon and David were doing. "It's all good now," Shannon explained. She continued to say that there are times that memories come flooding back, which seems to do damage in repairing her and David's relationship.

We've seen these moments affect Shannon throughout the season. She's spoken at length about how much she thinks about the affair, saying that at one point it was something she thought about every single second of the day.

Shannon discloses to Vicki that the affair was long-term. She says it happened just days before Shannon met Vicki, and continued on for eight months. Vicki isn't surprised, since she felt like David was checked out during their couples trip last season. Vicki also brings up the fact that statistics are high for an affair to occur in a marriage these days. Thanks, Vicki.

The most revealing moment of the conversation was that Shannon actually knew the woman David was having an affair with. "I became friends with her when it was going on," Shannon told Vicki. According the Shannon, the woman befriended her and talked to her abut her relationship with David, while the two were having an affair. "How's it going with your marriage?" Shannon says the woman would ask her.

It's very respectable that Shannon has opened up so much about her marriage. Very often, these women hide things that may make their lives look any less perfect. But there are certainly many of women who probably appreciate Shannon sharing her story, since as Vicki said, there are a lot of people going through the same situation in their lives.

Images: Vivian Zink/Bravo