Hailee & Virgil's Contemporary Routine On 'So You Think You Can Dance' Proves They Are The Season's Best Pairing

America, we've found them. After Monday night's episode of So You Think You Can Dance, I think it's safe to say that stage dancer Hailee and street dancer Virgil are easily the best pair on SYTYCD Season 12. The pair have united for a routine twice now and to be honest, I think I knew they earned this prestigious title after the first dance together. Hailee and Virgil made waves when they came together to perform a Hip Hop routine about robots a few weeks prior not just because of the dance and their performance of the dance, but also because their hilarious antics and personalities off the stage were equally endearing and incredible. But their contemporary routine showed that both dancers could show a different side.

When choreographer Tyce Diorio came together with Hailee and Virgil, he probably knew he had hit the jackpot of duos. And he definitely helped them prove that they were amazing together with a serious routine featuring Hailee as a woman obsessed with Virgil in a dark, dark way. The two dancers embodied the characters fully and really threw themselves into the routine more than pretty much anyone else in Season 12. But that's why they're so great, that's why they're probably the best pairing of the season. They know that the dance becomes exponentially better when they tap into their emotions.

There was no surprise here, both dancers easily made it to the Top 10, and I cannot wait for the two to come together once again for another routine. They've done Contemporary and Hip Hop, what's next? I'd love to see the dancers perform something in the ballroom genre or maybe something a little more out of both of their comfort zones like Bollywood. But let's be honest, Hailee and Virgil could easily perform any style together and knock it completely out the park.

Images: Screenshot/FOX