Google & Alphabet Jokes Are Aplenty, Covering Everything From "A" To "Z"

Google dropped a bombshell on Monday when company co-founder and CEO Larry Page announced in a blog post the creation of a new parent company Alphabet to manage all of its assets. In his announcement, Page said that just like the "collection of letters that represent the alphabet," the new company would oversee the collection of projects and off-shoots that represented Google's core mission. But no one was expecting the news, so Twitter did what Twitter does best in these situations and made some of the best Google and Alphabet jokes.

In fact, the idea that no one was expecting it was one of the first things that drew reaction from critics. In the immediate deluge of press covering the search engine's announcement, tech outlets were quick to point out that Google itself didn't appear ready for the headlines: Google doesn't own or "Alphabet" Facebook or Twitter handles. Instead of claiming the domain, the company will use the incredibly awkward (And no, your computer won't immediately recognize that address as a link if you type it in a document.) Plus, some poor guy named Chris Andrikanich of Cleveland, Ohio is currently on Twitter as @Alphabet, so you can imagine what his mentions looked like on Monday afternoon.

Of course, he could just hold out for the payoff that will undoubtedly come when Google — sorry, Alphabet — tries to buy the handle from him. And the company will certainly be massive with more than enough loot to pull it off. While Alphabet's earnings won't be available until the fourth quarter of this year, just last month Google announced revenues of $17.7 billion and growing.

While the whole world struggles to figure out just what Alphabet is and Google's decision to restructure and rebrand will mean, here are some of the funniest reactions we've seen so far.

Alphabet Will Be Big. Like, Scary Big.

For some time now, people have harbored fears that Google is planning to take over the world; this clearly proves it. We should all expect Terminator robots to show up at our doors soon.

How Did They Ever Land On That Name?

Google's spent more than 10 years making its name synonymous with searching the internet. "I'll Alphabet It" just doesn't have the same ring.

And Alphabet's New Logo Will Look Weird.

Ha! Because Alphabet will get to use all the letters! Get it?

Plus, Doesn't Sesame Street Already Own The Alphabet?

It's true. Most folks probably associate the Alphabet with preschool, learning to read, and the good folks over at Sesame Street. Wonder how much Big Bird would charge for some Google product placement?

And If Sesame Street Doesn't Own It, These Guys Surely Do.

As these jokes show, most people still don't know what to expect from Alphabet, other than sheer size. In the meantime, we can all keep following #TechTwitter for the snarkiest jokes about Google — er, Alphabet.