Bethany Young Killed Toby's Mom On 'Pretty Little Liars' & Blamed The Whole Thing On An Innocent Bystander

Behind the more prominent mysteries of Rosewood, there's been another long-lingering question facing Pretty Little Liars : who killed Toby's mom? Marion Cavanaugh was a patient at Radley for a time during Toby's childhood, and that's where she ultimately died. The story that Radley told everyone was that she killed herself — she managed to get to an unlocked window, and jump off the building's roof. In truth, that was just a huge cover-up, but we never what exactly it was covering up. Until now. As we learned in the Pretty Little Liars Season 6A finale, "Game Over, Charles," Bethany Young killed Toby's mom, Marion and then blamed the whole thing on CeCe, who at that time was known as Charles.


We've known for a few seasons that Radley was covering up Marion's death. Spencer and Toby actually started looking into her death, and that's when the Bethany Young wormhole first started opening up. Not only did Bethany have drawings of a woman falling to the ground (like that's not creepy/sketchy or anything), but it was explained that Radley was actually lying about Marion's death to cover for someone else who was on the roof with her. Sure, her death was an "accident," yet Radley still felt strongly about making sure that no fingers were pointed at any anyone else – especially any of their patients.

That was all still a cover-up, though, because now we know the truth. One night, while Bethany and a young CeCe were up on the roof — playing "dress-up," but more on that in a second — Bethany pushed Marion off of the roof. It was not an accident. It was clearly intentional. And then she turned on CeCe, blaming the whole incident on the scared patient.

CeCe was in the middle of wearing a dress, with Bethany saying the outfit looked "beautiful." But as soon as Marion walked out onto the roof, CeCe was afraid of being caught mid-dress up, as as that time Radley insisted she was male. CeCe turned to Bethany for help, and Bethany said that she'd talk to that "goody two-shoes." Instead, in what appears to be a completely unprovoked incident, Bethany forcefully pushes Marion off the roof. Not an accident whatsoever. No wonder Radley wanted to cover this up.

Bethany blamed CeCe for the death, because she said "no one would believe the boy in a dress." It was then decided that it should be billed as a suicide, as to cover up way more shady paperwork — and it was Mrs. D who payed off Radley to keep it looking like a suicide.

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Image: Eric McCandless/ABC Family