Kira Leaves Beacon Hills On 'Teen Wolf' After Remembering Her Traumatic Dread Doctors Experience

Poor Kira. The young kitsune on MTV's Teen Wolf has been through so much in the last few episodes of Season 5, but man this new revelation tops all of that. Kira finally finishes reading the Dread Doctors book and remembers her traumatic experience with the Dread Doctors and promptly leaves Beacon Hills, proving Lydia's vision from the Season 5 premiere correct. So what exactly did the Dread Doctors do to Kira that made her so afraid that she would be a danger to others? Well it all started back when Kira was still trying to get back into Beacon Hills in the Season 5 premiere, when Scott rode his bike through traffic and a storm to find her and kiss her in the rain. Before that magical moment happened, Kira faced a pretty horrifying event with the Dread Doctors.

It turns out that the Dread Doctors grabbed Kira out of her car, placed her on top of the trunk and stabbed her in the side of her eye where you would normally perform a freaking lobotomy. And if that wasn't bad enough, the needle they used to stab Kira in the eye was then used as a rod to attract lightning to go into Kira's body. Clearly this then triggered Kira's electrical shortage issues which the Dread Doctors used to infiltrate Eichen House and it has been definitely messing with Kira's kitsune side so much so that she can't seem to remember chunks of time.

It seems that thanks to this shock of lightning, Kira's kitsune side has gone into overdrive, thus resulting in her overly violent outbursts. It probably is also causing her blackouts as the electrical impulses in her brain are probably going haywire. So did the Dread Doctors commit this act simply because they needed Kira for their Eichen House break-in, or could there be another more dire reason behind the lightning lobotomy? Obviously Kira doesn't want to stick around to find out if she's been changed to hurt those she loves and I don't blame her for making this decision. But what Scott said towards the tail end of Monday night's episode is true: "Something's different with me and all my friends. With all of us. Something's changed." The Dread Doctors are slowly taking away Scott's pack, and now it's time to be afraid of what else is to come.

Images: Screenshot/MTV; teenwolf/Tumblr